Reading for Understanding Two #17C

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  1. The giraffe has the longest neck of any animal. Its neck contains the same nunber of bones as the neck of a mouse, but the neck bones of a mouse are much
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  3. The covered wagon sometimes took many hours to travel only a short distance. The long wagon train moved over the rough trail
  4. Your answer:

  5. A person who is a building wrecker is more likely to be hurt on the job than one who is a clerk. The job of wrecking buildings is
  6. Your answer:

  7. Last year this group of hunters failed to get any ducks on their hunting trip. This year they had better luck and got
  8. Your answer:
    two rabbits.
    a reward.
    six ducks.
    home safe.

  9. When human beings first began to wear shoes, they wore them to protect their feet. They did not make shoes with high heels, nor with fancy trimming. They made shoes
  10. Your answer:
    just for protection.
    to match their clothes.
    just for money
    to impress their friends.

  11. The travelling circus, carrying its own tent, came to North America shortly before 1800. Circus acts are still popular, but most children today see them on TV rather than in a tent show. Many of the big circuses that still travel put on their shows in auditoriums and stadiums and no longer have
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  13. Babysitters should always think first of the children they are caring for. If a fire breaks out in the house, the first thing they should do is
  14. Your answer:
    telephone the parents.
    get the children out of the house.
    call the fire fighters.
    find the cause of the fire.

  15. Before Magellan sailed round the world, many people thought the earth was flat. These people believed that if they sailed far enough from land they would
  16. Your answer:
    drop over the edge.
    find untold riches.
    return to port.
    be killed by savages.

  17. You may live in an area that does not grow oranges, but you may have fresh oranges because they are
  18. Your answer:
    shipped to you.

  19. The tornado swept through town, flattening everything in its path. Although the tornado and its danger were soon gone, the storm left behind much
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