Reading for Understanding Two # 17A

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  1. The cat licks its fur and wets its paw to wash its face. This is why the cat is known as a
  2. Your answer:
    clean animal.
    furry animal.
    friendly animal.
    quiet animal.

  3. The roads are under repair in many places, and you will have to make several long detours. Therefore, this trip will take
  4. Your answer:
    less time.
    more time.
    much planning.
    a different driver.

  5. In this area, water storage is a problem. People must be careful not to waste water, especially during
  6. Your answer:
    dry spells.
    the early evening.
    the rainy season.

  7. There are thousands of varieties of fish in our rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans. They differ in size and shape and in many other ways. One way they are alike is that they all
  8. Your answer:
    eat seaweed.
    are good to eat.
    live in water.
    fight each other.

  9. The long sticks the Chinese and the Japanese use for eating are called kwaitze. This means "quick ones" in English. Since the pidgin English word for "quick" is chop, these sticks for eating are often called
  10. Your answer:
    Chinese sticks.
    quick ones.

  11. The flounder is a flatfish that is plentiful on the North American continent from Labrador to the Carolinas. It tastes pleasant, and so the flounder is widely used for
  12. Your answer:

  13. These people were concerned chiefly with farming. They had settled homes and lived upon the products of the
  14. Your answer:

  15. If the temperature goes below freezing, the water in the car radiator will freeze and the radiator may crack. The weather forecasters are predicting a sharp drop in the temperature tonight. It would be a good thing to stop by the service station and
  16. Your answer:
    check the air pressure.
    have the car's battery checked.
    get some antifreeze.
    fill up with fuel.

  17. The police are able to return lost children to their parents much sooner if the children know their own
  18. Your answer:
    way home.
    street address.
    dog's name.
    first name.

  19. The camel has a supply of food in the fat that makes up its hump; by sweating very little, it is able to keep most of the water it drinks in its body. This animal is very important in the desert because it can travel long distances
  20. Your answer:
    without tiring.
    very rapidly.
    without food or drink.

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