Reading for Understanding #16B

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  1. One of the simplest tools for smoothing and polishing wood is made by putting glue on a sturdy paper and then sprinkling the paper with sand. You can understand why this tool is called
  2. Your answer:
    a plane.
    steel wool.
    a polishing cloth.

  3. Doing the laundry used to be one of the hardest taks of keeping house. It is not hard at all if one has an automatic
  4. Your answer:
    washing machine.

  5. It had not rained for over three months. Everything was drying up. Everyone was very glad when the rain
  6. Your answer:
    turned to snow.
    finally came.
    flooded their homes.

  7. The white fur of the polar bear matches the snow and ice where the bear lives. Its white coat makes it easy for a polar bear to catch other animals for food because it is hard for the other animals to
  8. Your answer:
    fight it.
    smell it.
    see it.
    hear it.

  9. Alec eats more than most of us do. He seldom leaves the table until he has had
  10. Your answer:
    three helpings of everything.
    a light supper.
    salt and pepper.
    a glass of milk.

  11. Donna's pony got into all sorts of trouble, which caused her parents a great deal of expense and worry. After the pony's last escapade, they told Donna, "We doubt that we can keep the pony unless it
  12. Your answer:
    becomes frisky."
    becomes heavier."

  13. The tortoise cannot run fast, and so it cannot get away from its enemies. When it is attacked, it can pull its head, feet, and tail inside its thick, hard shell and so be quite
  14. Your answer:

  15. Unsalted ice stays frozen longer than salted ice. In the winter, people sprinkle salt on icy roads so that the ice will
  16. Your answer:
    stay frozen.
    be less wet.
    melt faster.
    turn into snow.

  17. Canada offers beautiful spots for fishing and hunting. Travel between Canada and the United States is easy to arrange, for the two countries have long been
  18. Your answer:

  19. Even in the city, squirrels have to face many dangers. For instance, there are no wild animals in the city, but there are
  20. Your answer:
    wild animals.
    forest fires.
    police officers.

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