Reading for Understanding Two #15A

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  1. Although our grandmother was very old and unable to move about much, her eyesight was excellent. She kept herself busy by
  2. Your answer:
    knitting and sewing
    going shopping
    visiting her family
    cleaning the house

  3. Fog blew in during the football game. It got so thick that the people in the upper rows of the stadium could not see the field. The game continued, but the people could not
  4. Your answer:
    talk to one another
    leave for home
    follow the action
    hear the announcers

  5. Boris is a good bridge player and never complains when he does not get good cards. He may be disgusted with himself if he does not play well, but if he plays a hand for all it is worth, he
  6. Your answer:
    gives the deck an extra shuffle
    walks around his chair
    enjoys the game
    leaves for home

  7. Although many people fish from small motorboats, they always take a paddle along in case the motor should
  8. Your answer:
    stop steering
    need a paddle
    break down
    speed up

  9. Sets of dishes should be sold with extra cups, because the handles of the cups are
  10. Your answer:
    easily broken
    very decorative
    easily replaced

  11. All his nine years Wayne had lived in a trailer with his father. They had moved continually round the country and had never stayed in the same place for more than a few months. Now, more than anything else, Wayne wanted to live in a home that was always in the same place. He wanted to have close friends and to go to the same school all year. He wanted a home that did not have
  12. Your answer:

  13. Wildflowers are not as plentiful as they used to be. People have picked too many of these flowers and have often pulled them up by the roots. In many places flowers have been destroyed-to make way for new roads or for planting crops. Some governments have made laws to protect
  14. Your answer:
    natural game
    their forests
    the mountains

  15. Aunt Carmela broke her string of pearls. Many of the pearls fell to the floor and
  16. Your answer:
    broke the string
    rolled out of sight
    caught in her dress

  17. After heavy snow and ice storms, road workers sometimes spread sand on very icy sections of roads. This forms a rough surface on the ice and prevents
  18. Your answer:
    safe driving
    more snow

  19. Plastic dishes do not break as easily as china. For this reason they are practical for picnics and for families with small
  20. Your answer:

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