Reading for Understanding Two #100C

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  1. The rulers of fifteenth century Spain were desirous of promoting the manufacture of cloth made of wool in their country. They found it helpful to limit exportation to two-thirds of the wool produced in Spain and to forbid that cloth made of wool be
  2. Your answer:

  3. It is a fact of social history that those things that are regarded as luxuries in one period are not regarded as such in a later period, that a comfort that is extended only to a particular class as an exceptional right will later appear as
  4. Your answer:
    a luxury confined to a small class.
    an unwise extension of rights of the people.
    a symbol of social prestige.
    a necessity for everyone.

  5. The scholar studies for the pleasure for studying, whereas the uninterested student studies because it is required. It is possible to make even a scholar indifferent by dictating what is to be studied. A stimulating theory may become just so many words if it is
  6. Your answer:
    popular in appeal.
    required reading.

  7. All cells of the human body require food in the form of chemicals. It is hoped that soon it will be found that cancer cells require certain nutrients not required by normal cells. If such discovery is forthcoming, perhaps cancer will be controlled by means of cell
  8. Your answer:

  9. Driving through this area of the country, you can see mink farms, chinchilla farms, and fox farms where animals are raised to produce valuable fur for clothing. Fur used to be obtained entirely by the hunting and trapping of wild animals. Furs are in such great demand and the supply of wild fur is so limited that much fur now comes from animals raised in
  10. Your answer:
    northern woods.
    foreign countries.

  11. True freedom is not freedom from action, but , rather, freedom to be responsible for one's own actions. Truly free behavior necessitates
  12. Your answer:
    release from reponsibility.
    freedom from control.
    a utopia state.
    responsible choice.

  13. There was a time when many North Americans believed that, as their land was blessed with natural barriers, they did not need to concern temeselves with the unpleasant affairs of an Old World lying beyond their
  14. Your answer:

  15. Learn to disregard what others will think and do what you yourself believe is right. This is easy to say and easy to do when alone; but, when surrounded by others, it is difficult to keep the
  16. Your answer:
    attitude of beloning to the whole.
    independence of solitude.
    ability to be affected by other's views.
    desire to mix with all people.

  17. It is not the historian's duty to evaluate the morality of a newspaper, but rather to evaluate its contmporary influence and to recognize its functions as a record of the
  18. Your answer:

  19. Sugar ia a very tasty energy-giving material. But foods rich in sugar do not provide enough of other needed nutrients, such as proteins, minerals, and vitamins. One danger in eating too much candy and cake is that
  20. Your answer:
    our appetites become satisfied thogh we lack all essential nutrients.
    we sometimes gain weight from eating such foods.
    other foods begin to taste bad by comparison.
    they produce more energy than we can use.

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