Reading for Understanding Two #100A

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  1. Even naturally kind persons become disgruntled when unwarranted and insistent demands are made upon their sympathy. The milk of human kindness is more likely to stay fresh if the vessel that contains it is not too frequently
  2. Your answer:

  3. There are many different kinds of sheep, just as there are different kinds of dogs or bears. The fat-tailed sheep of Asia stores fat in its tail, and thus the tail may become very heavy, weighing as much as eighteen kilograms. In order to help these sheep, shepherds sometimes build carts
  4. Your answer:
    so that the sheep can pull small loads.
    for the sheep to carry their tails on.
    to carry the sheep to the shearing place.
    so that the sheep can be guided around.

  5. As yet, the economy had not fully recovered from the effects of the recent recession, but now there were many hopeful signs of
  6. Your answer:
    lower food prices.
    an end of the decline.
    decreased subsidies.
    a new recession.

  7. We are most moved by what we read when we can think of the narrated events as occurring in our own lives. It is easiest to draw parallels between our lives and what we read when the material read deals with events in the life of a specific person. It is for this reason that I would seek to encourage the writing of
  8. Your answer:

  9. It is not difficult to explain the failure of France to take an active part in overseas enterprises during the sixteenth century. France was remote from and uninterested in the New World in the first half of the century; during the latter part, it was involved in the Wars of Religion. Only after settlement of these religious difficulties did the French people direct their energies to
  10. Your answer:
    a new revolution.
    an improved social system.
    religious reformation.
    lands across the ocean.

  11. The stems of the cactus plant are provided with a large quantity of special tissue for water storage. This is one of the ways in which this plant is equipped to retain moisture, a feature that makes it particularly suitable to life
  12. Your answer:
    in tropical regions.
    in every season.
    at high elevations.
    in arid areas.

  13. Confucius often spoke about the importance of working to develop virtue in our own thoughts and deeds. He taught that we should concern ourselves, not about how many people know of us, but about being
  14. Your answer:
    in a position of power.
    worth knowing.

  15. The greatness of a person can only be determined by the test of history. No one is truly great who is considered great
  16. Your answer:
    by future generations.
    in the present.
    only while living.
    only after birth.

  17. If you want a person to help you in a particular way, do not ask directly. First, engage in light conversation; this exchange will create a pleasant mood and decrease the chance that objections will be raised when you make your request. The queen's secretary followed this plan in approaching the queen, not with bills to be signed but with pleasant discourse
  18. Your answer:
    that made the bills easier to understand.
    relevant to grave contemporary problems.
    so that she would mind the bills less.
    that was of paramount importance.

  19. We freely confess in words to being mindful of the omnipresent competition for life itself, but do we really realize the implications of this struggle? We exalt the virtue of nature and thrill to the song of the bird, forgetting that the bird subsists on seeds and insects and hence is
  20. Your answer:
    increasing the joy of the universe.
    constantly destroying life.
    contibuting materially to the farmers.
    spreading pollen among the flowers.

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