Reading for Understanding Three #10B

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  1. Many of us could make our homes safer if we had better lighting. We should learn from the experience of industry, which has often found that better planning of plant lighting has resulted in
  2. Your answer:
    more sales.
    cleaner buildings.
    higher wages.
    fewer accidents.

  3. Advertising aims are often similar to educational aims. Consider, for example, a campaign to teach people the food value of milk. The campaign may result in greater profits for the milk dealers and also in
  4. Your answer:
    better health.
    new products.
    lower costs.
    food bills.

  5. The United States has about half a million migrant workers who move from one region to another to help with seasonal work. Families camp out or live in trailers or barracks, and are not permanent residents of any community. Because they move so frequently, the children of migrant workers seldom get
  6. Your answer:
    nutritious food.
    minimum wages.
    adequate schooling.
    communicable diseases.

  7. In the port cities of London, Liverpool, Le Havre, the water depth varies greatly between low tide and high tide. Wet docks, or basins, have been built in these places. The walls of these concrete docks have gates that operate to maintain a navigable water level when
  8. Your answer:
    the tide is low.
    dry docks are scarce.
    no ships are near.
    the dock is crowded.

  9. People who solve crossword puzzles with a pen are clearly people of great
  10. Your answer:

  11. The most original modern author is not described as such on the basis of content but because of stylistic individuality; what is said is not new, but it is said
  12. Your answer:
    in obscure symbolism.
    with heartfelt earnestness.
    in platitudes.
    in a new way.

  13. People may burn copies of books that have influenced generations of thinkers, but the ideas set forth in those books are not so easily
  14. Your answer:

  15. Babies and children need to sleep more than adults do. Because babies nap frequentl, they sleep about two-thirds of the day, but adults sleep only about one-third of the time, or eight hours. Children gradually change their sleeping time to the adult pattern by
  16. Your answer:
    sleeping longer.
    getting up later.
    cutting out naps.
    going to bed earlier.

  17. A message to deer hunters: Will you bring your trophy safely out of the forest, or will your hunting companions bring you out? Foolish question? No, indeed. If you toss your deer over your shoulders or carry it high on a sapling, a trigger-happy character may blast away without really looking. It has happened before. So
  18. Your answer:
    don't go into the forest.
    drag that deer out.
    leave the deer in the forest.
    don't ask foolish questions.

  19. Gold is a rather soft metal that needs to have harder metals added to it to make it a good setting for jewels. Because it is soft, gold is easy to work with. A decorative vase that is thought to have been made as early as 3500 B.C. has been found in Iraq. Although we do not know when gold was discovered, it must have been earlier than that date. The great skill shown in making the vase indicates that gold
  20. Your answer:
    was unknown before that time.
    was used for setting jewels.
    had been used for some time.
    was first found in Asia.

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