M. P. Moore

Raise means "to grow or cultivate," v.

Rise means "to assume an upright position esp. from lying, kneeling, or sitting; or to return from death," v.; or an increase

Read each of th sentences carefully and choose the correct word. This quiz is no longer functioning. Please use it for reference purposes only.

  1. Recent crime statistics show a slight (raise/rise) in the incidents of violent crime.
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  3. Although she was born in Chicago, Illinois, Anne was (raised/rised) in Toledo, Ohio.
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  5. Many superstitious people believe that traipsing through a graveyard will tempt spirits to (raise/rise) from their coffins.
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  7. I am not the type who greets the dawn with a smile; rather, I am more of a late (raiser/riser).
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  9. You need not (raise/rise) the bridge; simply lower the water.
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