Reading for Understanding Three #9A

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  1. Educated people often speak more than one language and can thus communicate with many people, but millions of uneducated people have no communication with people who do not speak
  2. Your answer:
    foreign languages.
    their language.
    without accent.
    very clearly.

  3. Benjamin Franklin once related a political fable of a two-headed snake. His story emphasized the point that a single-chamber form of legislature would resolve conflicts faster than would the bicameral, or two-chamber, form. According to the tale, the snake was going to the brook to quench its thirst when it came upon a twig that blocked its path. One head chose to go on the right side of the twig; the other, on the left. The two heads spent so much time arguing that before the dispute was settled, the snake had
  4. Your answer:
    swallowed the twig.
    resolved the conflict.
    crawled to the left.
    died of thirst.

  5. Many countries have laws prohibiting or limiting the importation of certain goods without the payment of customer duties, or taxes. Bringing in such goods without declaring them and paying the proper taxes is called smuggling. Smuggling is illegal and is
  6. Your answer:

  7. Franz Anton Mesmer, an eighteenth century Austrian physician, believed that people had in them a magnetic force similar to the magnetic force of certain metallic substances. Mesmer demonstrated that through his hands he could cause a person to fall under his magnetic power and to act as he instructed the person. Studies have shown that mesmerism, Mesmer's magnetic influence, does produce trancelike states, but Mesmer's basic theory has been disproved. Mesmerism, or hypnotism, is a process of inducing a sleeplike trance in someone through the power of suggestion and not through the power of
  8. Your answer:

  9. Contact lenses are plastic pieces that are worn on the eyeball and cover the pupil. They usually cannot be seen, and many people prefer them to ordinary glasses for this reason. Certain defects in the shape of the cornea of the eye cannot be corrected by ordinary lenses but can be corrected by contact lenses, which are shaped to fit the cornea. Contact lenses do not frost in cold weather. Many athletes who cannot risk injury to their eyes from a blow to ordinary lenses wear contact lenses. Because of all the advantages, contact lenses are
  10. Your answer:
    too expensive for most people.
    used mainly by actresses.
    easy to put on and to take off.
    very popular.

  11. In Greek mythology, Triton was the sea god who lived at the bottom of the sea. He would blow on his horn to calm or to stir up the waves. Quite appropriately, Triton's horn was made from
  12. Your answer:
    a hunter's horn.
    an ancient horn.
    a shepherd's crook.
    a seashell.

  13. Many deep-sea divers are lowered and raised by a crew on the surface and receive their oxygen supply through tubes to the surface. Skindivers use an independent system called scuba, self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. Open-circuit scuba equipment allows bubbles of air to come to the surface. Navy skindivers use a closed- or semiclosed-circuit apparatus. With this type of apparatus, the enemy cannot detect the diver's presence because
  14. Your answer:
    the diver is down too deep.
    the apparatus blends with the sea.
    there is no boat in sight.
    no bubbles escape to the surface.

  15. Perhaps one reason that golf is such a good way to get one's mind off one's work and one's worries is that golf itself requires so much concentration. Every golf shot is a challenge, and the player must concentrate on the game. One cannot think of two things at once, so the golfer
  16. Your answer:
    forgets more serious subjects.
    gets good exercise.
    tries for a better score.
    enjoys hard competition.

  17. For years, engineers had dreamed of building a suspension bridge spanning the entrance to New York Harbor. In 1964, that dream was realized as the record-breaking span of 1,298 meters neared completion. The engineer who designed the bridge was almost sorry because now engineers would not have that bridge to dream about. But engineers were already planning for bridges with spans of
  18. Your answer:
    649 meters.
    1000 meters.
    unlimited length.
    2500 meters.

  19. Immediately following the full moon nearest to the autumnal equinox is a period of several days when the moon rises soon after sunset. This phenomenon allows farmers extra hours of light by which they can gather their crops before winter comes. The phenomenon is appropriately called
  20. Your answer:
    the harvest moon.
    the half moon.
    the monsoon.
    the planter's moon.

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