Reading for Understanding Three #92C

Thelma Thurstone The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

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  1. Since fear is more suddenly contagious than hope, stock prices are likely to go down fast in a poor market and
  2. Your answer:
    rise slowly in a good one.
    rise speedily in a better one.
    cause an inflation.
    stay down briefly.

  3. Saffron is used for seasoning and for turning foods and confections a golden yellow. Saffron is made from dried stigmas of the purple crocus, and it takes about four thousand blossoms to produce an ounce of saffrom. Although saffron seems expensive, it is so tedious to prepare that it cannot be grown profitably where workers are
  4. Your answer:
    poorly paid.
    highly paid.
    well trained.

  5. The effect of working together, building a fertile soil, and finding ways to make the best use of it is not merely a matter of securing a livelihood. To those who have faith in the spiritual side of humanity it is natural enough that, when people adopt a common purpose as deep and broad as that of working with nature for the common good, there ensue inevitable consequences to the
  6. Your answer:
    standard of living.
    economy of the nation.
    soil erosion.
    spirit of these people.

  7. Chronologically, I suppose that I fall into the category that is traditionally regarded with respect though sometimes unjustified veneration. I do not feel so different from myself of forty years ago though I am amused by these young people who listen to the wisdom that they think I am speaking. Now I recognize that the old whom I revered in my youth were probably
  8. Your answer:
    pernicious influences on my generation.
    the sources of the wisdom I now possess.
    younger than they seemed to me.
    just such impostors as I am now.

  9. In cancer, the blood contains more than normal amounts of a certain antienzyme. A new test for the presence of cancer is made by adding trypsin, the digestive enzyme, to diluted samples of blood serum. Fibrinogen, a blood-clotting protein, and thrombin also are added. These substances should cause the blood to clot. But trypsin digests fibrinogen, preventing a clot. If the amount of the cancer-indicating antienzyme is above normal, the trypsin cannot do the digesting and
  10. Your answer:
    the test is a failure.
    a clot does not form.
    a clot forms.
    cancer is not present.

  11. Activity is contagious. Looking where others look, and conversing about the same things, we catch the charm that lured them. Napoleon said, "You must not fight too often with one enemy, or you will
  12. Your answer:
    hate that enemy all the more."
    teach the enemy all your art of war."
    find your enemy is all your only foe."
    defeat your enemy in every battle."

  13. Plants are entirely satisfied with mere existence; lower animals are almost so. Human beings, as a rule, demand a great deal more from life than sheer being. In fact, one might say that to the degree that people are content with mere existence, they
  14. Your answer:
    are sedentary beings.
    are dull and obtuse.
    realize their ambitions.
    reflect on their state.

  15. How old does a thing have to be to be classified as an antique? There is little agreement about the answer to this question, but the United States government decided that anything over 100 years old is an antique. The U.S. Customs allows antique objects to come into the country duty-free, and this is the reason that
  16. Your answer:
    people are interested in early colonial pieces.
    antiques are so expensive.
    the classification is defined.
    antiques are scarce.

  17. When you touch a hot stove and quickly withdraw your hand even before you are aware of pain, you have acted automatically. However the hand withdrawal and the sensation of pain may be related, it is evident that consciousness of pain is not
  18. Your answer:
    related to the nervous system.
    a cause of the action.
    an awareness of emotion.
    relevant to the situation.

  19. Listening to the oratorical distortion of national platforms by local politicians, one is forced to conclude that party principles could easily be expanded to embrace spiritualism or totemism if one faction in the country so desired. In general, it seems that anything goes, at least verbally, if it
  20. Your answer:
    is passed as law.
    advances the national welfare.
    states a broad principle.
    helps one to win at home.

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