Reading for Understanding Three #91B

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  1. People are the slaves of custom to such an extent that even the simplest of improvements in the most common of occupations is adopted
  2. Your answer:
    because of its resulting benefits.
    with hesitation and reluctance.
    rapidly and with little opposition.
    by the majority of individuals.

  3. Friendship depends on keeping some of our thoughts to ourselves. Since newspapers appear to print everything one nation thinks about other nations, we should expect this to be a world of
  4. Your answer:

  5. The connection between gracefulness and economy of force will be most vividly recognized by those who skate. They will remember that all early attempts, and especially the first timid experiments in figure skating, are alike awkward and fatiguing; and that the acquirement of skill includes the acquirement of grace and
  6. Your answer:

  7. Among the objectives to consider in developing an energy policy are the following:

    1. to assure reliability of energy supply
    2. to provide energy at the lowest cost to society
    3. to avoid economic and regional inequities
    4. to safeguard the quality of the environment
    5. to minimize international problems due to energy.

    However, we must be realistic. These goals, although admittedly desirable, are often in conflict, and thus

  8. Your answer:
    none is attainable.
    costs must be considered.
    solutions cannot be unilateral.
    compromise is necessary.

  9. Simply because of the disparate sizes of the groups involved, one would expect that, when they conflict, the interests of the few would be forced to give way to the interests of the many. Actually, individuals expend so much more interest and effort in managing their affairs than the apathetic public does in handling its collective interests that frequently the
  10. Your answer:
    particular interest gives way to the general interest.
    general interest incidentally aids in the particular interest.
    particular interest incidentally aids the general interest.
    general interest gives way to the particular interest.

  11. The demand for heavy fuel oil in the United States is substantial and cannot be supplied in full by domestic production. The national welfare and security are best served by maintaining a healthy domestic industry that has reserve capacity for use in case of emergency and by supplementing oil supplies with
  12. Your answer:
    hydroelectric power.
    raw materials.

  13. Before the invention of writing, successive generations were dependent upon the oral transmission of knowledge. Anything that was forgotten or distorted by one generation had to be laboriously rediscovered later. Writing, when it came to be used, granted to intellectual achievements a new
  14. Your answer:

  15. We like to think that we would want to have poets make themselves clear; the truth is that utterly clear poets would be glaring, which would put their work into oppositon to the principles of art, for art cannot be obvious. Only when the imagination of the audience is provoked can the aesthetic experience occur. Thus, poets can be just so clear and no more. They cannot afford to be diverted from their mysterious ways. By withholding a little meaning, the mystification is increased. Aesthetics demands that poets be
  16. Your answer:

  17. The number of white blood cells in the body increases when the body is infected with any one of many diseases. In pneumonia, for instance, the white cells count might increase from the normal 5000 to 9000 per cubic millimeters to 12,000 or even to 50,000. This condition is known as leucocytosis. The white cell count enables the physician to detect infections in organs or tissues that are impossible to observe directly. The degree of leucocytosis is generally in close correspondence with the severity of infection so that white cell counts at frequent intervals give evidence of the
  18. Your answer:
    progress of the infection.
    scientific study of the disease.
    need for good laboratory tests.
    nature of leucocytosis.

  19. The four-hour watch, announced by eight bell rings on a modern ship and known as "eight bells," originated in the method of timekeeping on ships before the invention of clocks. The device used was a glass pinched in the middle and half filled with sand. The glass hung freely from a beam. It took half an hour for the sand to flow from one end of the glass to the other, and at the end of that time a cabin boy would turn the glass over, and the deck officer would make a mark on a slate. Eight glass turns made a
  20. Your answer:

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