Reading for Understanding Three #8C

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  1. The saguaro, a giant cactus that sometimes grows to a height of twenty meters, has a root system that is very widespread. The thirsty roots take advantage of the rainfall to store water in the stem of the plant. One saguaro plant may hold as much as eight metric tons of water. This giant cactus survives on the desert because it
  2. Your answer:
    stores water.
    does not need water.
    has very deep roots.
    is covered with needles.

  3. In schools that have intramural sports, many more students engage in team sports than they do in schools that have only intermural sports. In schools having only intermural sports, there is for each sport only one team, and this team is composed of top athletes. When there are intramural sports, almost all students who want to be on a team can be, even though some may not be
  4. Your answer:
    excellent students.
    interested in playing.
    very good players.
    enrolled in school.

  5. Nature is always with us, an inexhaustible storehouse of that which moves the heart, appeals to the mind, and fires the imagination; it brings health to the body and joy to the soul. To the scientist, nature is a storehouse of facts, laws, processes; to the artist, it is a storehouse of pictures; to the poet, a storehouse of images, fantasies, a source of inspiration; to the moralist, a storehouse of precepts and parables; to all, it may be a source of
  6. Your answer:
    knowledge and joy.
    misery and ignorance.
    mystery and terror.
    storm and strife.

  7. Children of tall parents are usually taller than the children of parents who are short. Tallness seems to be dependent upon
  8. Your answer:

  9. Wrestling is an ancient sport that is still popular all over the world with people of all ages. The rules vary from country to country. Many children from Eastern countries are well trained in wrestling and are very skilled. Youth from Western countries seem to prefer team sports and are less interested in such individual sports as
  10. Your answer:

  11. Federal, state, and local governments in the United States have the right to force property owners to sell their property if it is needed for public use. This is called the right of eminent domain. A state may also give a private company the right of eminent domain; for example, a railway can force an owner to sell to it land that is needed for a right-of-way. The owner is entitled to a fair price for the property but cannot choose
  12. Your answer:
    to obey.
    to sell.
    not to sell.
    to agree.

  13. The earliest people wandered from place to place looking for food--both meat and grain. Somehow, at some time, they learned that seeds could be planted to produce crops. This knowledge, with the consequent development of agriculture, helped them
  14. Your answer:
    increase the area of their search for food.
    become more permanent residents of one place.
    increase the variety of animals that they caught.
    become less interested in the weather.

  15. The part of an iceberg that is below the level of the ocean is about seven times as large as the part that is above the water. The underwater part is longer and often much wider than the above-water part. Ships sometimes strike icebergs because they are closer to the iceberg than
  16. Your answer:
    to the underwater ice.
    to a dangerous course.
    to the level of the ocean.
    the captains think they are.

  17. English is spoken by more people than is any other language except Chinese. In addition to the millions whose native language is English, there are many people in all parts of the world who speak English as their first foreign language. Although knowledge of the language of the country in which one is travelling is a great advantage, English-speaking travellers can usually get along fairly well without
  18. Your answer:
    foreign languages.

  19. There are vast stretches in southern Italy where there used to be nothing but a few shepherds' huts. In this region, there are now high chimney stacks, large water tanks, large cranes, and other paraphernalia of modern factories. Southern Italy has become
  20. Your answer:

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