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  1. Some people are so fond of precision that they try to ignore the exactness of all human measurement. These people are horrified to discover that metersticks are guaranteed only to vary not more than a certain amount from one meter in length. Similarly, they deplore a table of logarithms because it
  2. Your answer:
    is calculated to only five places.
    has very few practical purposes.
    is confusing to learn to use.
    achieves unnecessay exactness.

  3. In his farewell address George Washington urged: "Promote as an object of primary importance institutions for the general diffusion of knowledge." Jefferson said in 1820: "I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by
  4. Your answer:

  5. Salvador Dali is rightfully called one of the world's foremost eccentrics. Dali carried fantasy to the point of outrage, deliberately encouraging
  6. Your answer:
    people to take him more seriously.
    a fantastic conception of himself.
    praise from art critics.
    rivals to emulate his style.

  7. Cities require tremendous amounts of water. Family uses for cooking, cleaning, sanitation, and watering lawns and gardens take a great deal of water, but the large users of water are factories. Large cities usually develop near natural sources of water. Chicago has an abundant supply of fresh water from nearby Lake Michigan. New York and Los Angeles in the United States and Adelaide in Australia are near oceans, but they cannot use ocean water because it is too salty. These three cities have had to build large aquaeducts to bring in fresh water from
  8. Your answer:
    the ocean.
    nearby springs.
    private reserves.
    a distance.

  9. People in the higher income groups spend smaller proportions of their incomes in retail purchases than do people with lower incomes. The ratio of saving to spending is higher for those with larger incomes. Per capita income in New York State in one year was $501 greater than for the country as a whole. In the same year, New York's share of retail sales was proportionately
  10. Your answer:
    less than its share of wholesale savings.
    more than its share of personal income.
    less than its share of personal income.
    greater than its share of savings.

  11. The British Parliament passed the Riot Act in 1715. Any officer of the law could read the act to a mob that was getting out of hand. The act reprimanded the crowd and ordered them to break up in the name of the king. Today, in English-speaking countries, the expression "to read them the riot act" means to
  12. Your answer:
    revere the ruler.
    scold someone severely.
    make a citizen's arrest.
    assemble peaceably.

  13. We are truly heirs of all the ages; but if we are honest, it behooves us to learn the extent of our inheritance, and if we are brave, not to whimper if it should prove
  14. Your answer:
    buried in antiquity.
    more than we had expected.
    less than we had supposed.
    a coward's lot.

  15. Two current goals of petroleum fuel producers are to increase the octane rating of their fuel and to decrease the amount of surface ignition. Increases in the octane rating have been effected by adding an aromatic type hydrocarbon. Some of these additions have proved unusually susceptible to surface ignition. In solving one problem,
  16. Your answer:
    another problem has been intensified.
    a solution to another problem has been indicated.
    many otherproblems have been created.
    another problem has been solved simultaneously.

  17. Neither major political party in the United States has a single, coherent group of policies that it puts forth unchanged during each election campaign. The concern of each party is to win. In order to win, it must gain the support of many small groups and factions; and, to get their votes, it must build into its program a number of particularized, often conflicting objectives. Consequently, the seeming unity of a major party usually reflects some degree of
  18. Your answer:

  19. People who are not good in health fear to migrate to a new country. Even those who attempt it are often unable to withstand the difficulties they encounter. About half the people who landed at Plymouth Rock and about a third of those in the first shipload to Boston died during their first year in colonial America. The children born of the new settlers were from a hardy ancestry. One reason for the outstanding achievements of the descendants of the early Puritan settlers was their
  20. Your answer:
    religious faith.
    hardy stock.
    English background.
    hard work.

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