Reading for Understanding Three #89A

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  1. It is strange that, since speech is one of the characteristics that distinguish us from lower animals, we have so many maxims expressing the idea that
  2. Your answer:
    silence is golden.
    speech is the image of actions.
    to err is human.
    dogs are our best friends.

  3. Three presidents of the United States have been elected although their closest opponents received more popular votes. This has happened because all the electoral college votes from each state are given to the candidate winning that state. Senators have proposed a change in the law that would provide each state's electoral votes in proportion to its popular vote. The senators hope that such a change in election laws would lead to more
  4. Your answer:
    representative elections.
    intelligent voting.
    honest elections.
    votes for their party.

  5. In reality, there is no attribute of matter that does ever, by its sensible qualities, disclose any power or energy, or give us ground to imagine that it could produce anything, or be followed by any other object, that we could describe as its effect. Solidity, extension, motion -- these qualities are all complete in themselves and never point out any other event that may
  6. Your answer:
    prove they are real.
    result from them.
    be incomplete.
    produce them.

  7. Good design in the useful arts is emphasized along with utility. A household tool that serves its purpose well does not need to be ornamental in order to be considered beautiful. Beauty does not depend upon
  8. Your answer:

  9. To prohibit a number of indifferent acts is not to prevent the crimes that may arise from them, but it is to create new ones from them; it is to give capricious definitions of virtue and vice that are proclaimed as eternal and immutable in their nature. For each motive that drives people to commit a real crime, there are thousands that drive them to the commission of those indifferent acts that are called crimes by bad laws; and, if the likelihood of crimes is proportioned to the number of motives to commit them, an increase of the field of crime is
  10. Your answer:
    followed by the need for more prohibitive laws.
    an increase of the likelihood of their commission.
    an increase in the likelihood of moral actions.
    observed among those who do not understand the laws.

  11. As a result of studies of television soap opera audiences, one network reports that, within their own social groups, people who listen to daytime serials differ little from nonlisteners. Both groups engage in many of the same activities and are about at the same level of adjustment. The serial listener is
  12. Your answer:
    not a clear-cut type.
    often a retired person.
    trying to escape reality.
    usually neurotic.

  13. Attempts to check the African migratory locust have not been very successful because its movements have been very difficult to determine. It was possible for six collectors to mark by hand only thirty locusts in an hour. Circumstantial evidence seemed to indicate that these locusts travelled from the semiarid zone to the flood plains of the Niger, the outbreak area, where they formed into bands. Verification of this movement may be aided by a spray-gun method of marking many locusts simultaneously. The introduction of this method should be followed by marked progress in
  14. Your answer:
    the migration of the locusts.
    control of pests.
    other marking methods.
    elimination of other pests.

  15. 'Tis said that absence conquers love; But oh believe it not! I've tried, alas! its power to prove, But thou art not
  16. Your answer:
    a love.
    my lot.

  17. She had read much, but she spent more time in contemplation than in reading. She refused to sacrifice contemplation for reading. She used to say that if she had read as much as other people, she would have known
  18. Your answer:
    no more than other people.
    more pleasure from reading.
    that contemplation is not fruitful.
    more than she could read.

  19. We consider a state of war to exist whenever one group is engaged in the use of organized force against another group. According to this definition, the nature of the group may vary widely. We usually think of wars as they are waged on an international level, but, actually, some of the bloodiest wars in history have been those arising
  20. Your answer:
    within a political unit.
    from innate aggressive tendencies.
    from the desire for colonies.
    as a result of attack.

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