Reading for Understanding Three #88B

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  1. In Southeast Asia there are many religions. In many places there is a peaceful coexistsence of Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, and many lesser cults. An Oriental proverb says that as a bee takes honey from many flowers, so the wise accepts the essence of
  2. Your answer:
    different scriptures.
    all honey.
    one belief.
    many perfumes.

  3. If an institution is to survive, it must carry out its function. It is not the function of people to serve an institution; rather, the function of an institution is to serve people. The only institutions that meet the test of time are those that are
  4. Your answer:
    protected by the states.
    compatible with human nature.
    respected and revered.
    constructed according to an ideal plan.

  5. Secret organizations of students grew out of the rising spirit of rebellion of the eighteenth century. These organizations thrived on opposition to such an extent that orders for their destruction were probably one of the
  6. Your answer:
    original reasons for organization.
    deterrents to student clubs.
    most effective weapons against them.
    great sources of their strength.

  7. Patrick Henry said that "America had lighted the candle to all the world." Thomas Paine said, "We Americans have it in our power to begin the world again." Benjamin Franklin said, "Our cause is the cause of all Mankind." These early patriots and others like them felt a responsibility in organizing a representative government that went far beyond
  8. Your answer:
    their time and place.
    their dedication and sacrifice.
    universal human rights.
    the entire world's welfare.

  9. It has been a fundamental principle of justice for a long time that persons shall not be compelled in any criminal case to stand witness against themselves. A seventeenth century English jurist expressed the following opinion: Individuals may plead "not guilty," and yet tell no lie; for by the law, they are not bound to accuse themselves; so that when I say "not guilty," the meaning is as if I should say by way of paraphrase, I am not so guilty as to tell you; if you will bring me to trial, and have me punished for this you lay to my charge,
  10. Your answer:
    prove it against me.
    I will appeal the case.
    furnish me with an attorney.
    you are mistaken.

  11. The extraordinary has become commonplace. Each year produced amazing achievements until even the most breathtaking revelation was received by a sated public with
  12. Your answer:

  13. Excellence, in any direction, is not found in the strange and weird. We reach for it when we should bend down to approach it. The best book is one whose readers feel they might have been its author. Nature, which alone is the pinnacle of excellence, is completely
  14. Your answer:
    bizarre and extraordinary.
    familiar and common.

  15. A good speaker varies speed of delivery to match significance of content. Slow speech is appropriate for the important ideas, but the less weighty material should be disposed of rather speedily. It is important that with variety of material there should be variety of
  16. Your answer:

  17. A gun collector of my acquaintance owns an old rifle that sold for about $35 twenty years ago and would now bring a price of $400 to $450. But it is not always easy to make money on antiques. Experts warn that people who have never dabbled in antiques should study the market carefully, choose a few specialities, read every available book in those fields, and consult reliable dealers before buying. They say that few pieces will be acquired cheaply by the
  18. Your answer:
    experienced trader.
    gun collector.
    inexperienced seller.
    novice collector.

  19. One of the most dreaded diseases in humans is trichinosis, caused by the trichina worm, a parasite contracted primarily from undercooked pork or other meat. The trichina worm reaches sexual maturity in the intestine, the female giving birth to larval worms which are distributed to all parts of the body by the blood or lymph. The larvae burrow into muscle and encyst, in which state they eventually die unless the flesh containing the cysts is eaten by some other animal that is a suitable host. Should this occur, the larvae continue to grow and repeat the cycle. Hogs become infected when they eat the flesh of other animals, such as rats, that
  20. Your answer:
    was not cleaned.
    contains encysted larvae.
    has begun to rot.
    is not properly cooked.

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