Reading for Understanding Three #86C

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  1. The value of historical knowledge is primarily practical. We are betraying our forebears by revering them, for their achievements were possible only because they rebelled against their own tradition. Our awe of them is an expression of a sentiment that they themselves
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  3. It is not only the human species that is engaged in turmoil of political strife. In almost every ant community, there are communist malcontents who, resentful of the hoards of food that their provident fellow ants accumulate, attack those ants for being
  4. Your answer:
    petty thieves.

  5. The Guiness Book of World records cites the shortest correspondence on record as one between author Victor Hugo and his publisher, Hurst and Blackett. Hugo, on holiday and anxious to know his latest novel, Les Miserables, was selling, wrote to his publishers the simple inquiry, "?" Not to be overdone for brevity, they indicated the novel's immediate popularity to Hugo with their reply of
  6. Your answer:
    "Miserable success."

  7. The author stated that the islanders were not able to express their warlike spirit against other countries because they were not situated on the mainland of a continent and because they had no vessels to use in transporting soldiers to the continent. This spirit was instead released in
  8. Your answer:
    peaceful colonization.
    internal strugle.
    sailing the ocean.
    planning aggression.

  9. During the U.S. Civil War, there were people in the North who sympathized with the South or who honestly thought that it would be impossible to conquer the Confederacy. For either of those reasons they opposed the war policy of the president and of the Congress. They were called Copperheads because of the supposed similarity of the peace party to the poisonous snake, which strikes without warning. To call a political opponent a Copperhead is still an expression of strong
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  11. Descartes insisted that if we are to discover truth it is necessary that we question everything at some time in our lives. To him, the beginning of wisdom lay in
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  13. In very early times a person had only one name, a "given" name. In England, family names did not come into use until after the time of the Norman Conquest (1066). Genealogies, or family histories, that claim to go back beyond that time are nearly all
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  15. A flaw or a crack in many of the hypotheses of daily life may be of little or no moment in affecting the general correctness of the conclusions at which we may arrive; but in a scientific inquiry of fallacy, great or small, is always of importance and is sure to be in the long run constantly productive of
  16. Your answer:
    erroneous results.
    fruitful hypotheses.
    commonsense conclusions.
    compensating errors.

  17. Many of the massive monuments in the Far East have been devastated by the jungles for nearly five hundred years. Restoration of these monuments by modern archaeologists is slow and expensive. Speaking practically, the rebuilding may always have to be selective rather than
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  19. Some writers, in casting up the goods most deirable in life, have given them this rank: health, beauty, and riches. Of the first I find no dispute, but to the two others much must be said. For beauty is a good that makes others happy rather than oneself; and how riches should claim so high a rank, I cannot tell, when so great, so wise, and so good a part of humankind have in all ages
  20. Your answer:
    praised them.
    sacrificed much for them.
    devoted their lives to them.
    preferred poverty before them.

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