Reading for Understanding Three #85C

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  1. It is important that civil engineers keep informed as to recent advances in their profession. Reading current publications in their profession is a good start towards this end. Every civil engineer should make a habit of reading regularly
  2. Your answer:
    contemporary science fiction.
    the local daily paper.
    the standard texts in that field.
    at least one engineering periodical.

  3. The cultivation of land that was suitable for grazing but not for growing crops resulted in the ruin of great areas of range, but it did not result in the establishment of good farms. We have sometimes altered the conditions in an area that we occupied,
  4. Your answer:
    and increased its desirability.
    only to move elsewhere.
    to our own disadvantage.
    so that they were improved.

  5. Milton's life is probably the best known in English literature, and his forceful personality is so clearly and indelibly impressed on all his works that we are acquainted with him almost more intimately than we are with many of our contemporaries, or even ourselves. He is, thus, in this respect, very different from Shakespeare,
  6. Your answer:
    who is the great enigma of our literature.
    who has a more forceful personality.
    whose life is revealed in his plays.
    whose biography is also complete.

  7. History reveals that freedom has often resulted from the successful use of force; yet, we hate war as strongly as we love liberty. Is there a resolution to this
  8. Your answer:

  9. Vibration is associated with all forms of light. If the vibration occurs as an orderly, flat ribbon, the light is said to be polarized, in contrast to the nonpolarized light in which the vibration is random. Special polarized glass is used for the manufacture of sunglasses and of naval range finders. This glass, when held in the proper position, has the property of allowing nonpolarized light to pass through while stopping polarized light. This special glass is used for various instruments requiring the elimination of glare, for glare is stopped by the glass unless the
  10. Your answer:
    glare is reflected by the glass.
    glass has been specially treated.
    glass is turned incorrectly.
    glare consists of a flat ribbon of vibrations.

  11. "When a new book is published, read an old one," was the advice of a sound though surly critic. It is one of the boasts of letters to have glorified the term secondhad, which other crafts have "soiled to all ignoble use." All the best books are necessarily secondhand. The writers of today need not grumble. Let them "bide a wee." If their books are worth anything, they too will be
  12. Your answer:

  13. Turbines in motor vehicles cannot be operated on fuel obtaining lead. Diesel fuel, on which turbines can be operated, is available mainly on major turnpikes and on roads that trucks or vans can use. Thus, if regular cars are to utilize turbines,
  14. Your answer:
    highways must be rerouted.
    diesel fuel distribution must be expanded.
    the turbines must be small.
    filling stations must stop selling regular fuel.

  15. In Greek legend, an oracle warned Atalanta that marriage would bring her disaster. A fleet runner, she refused to marry any man who could not beat her in a race. Aphrodite gave Hippomenes three golden apples, which he dropped during the race. Atalanta stopped to pick up the apples, and Hippomenes won the race. After their marriage, they offended Aphrodite, who had Cybele turn them into lions and yoke them to her chariot. Thus, the prophecy of the oracle was
  16. Your answer:

  17. The neoclassicist and the humanist have in common dread of onesidedness. In writing and conversing, neoclassicists carefully avoid the use of technical and professional terms. For them, good breeding means having the stamp of no particular profession or trade but having rather a general elegance of manners. This entire point of view is based on
  18. Your answer:
    a fear of specialization.
    the ideal of education for all.
    pride in technical advances.

  19. By strange little accidents and coincidences, how we are being found out every day! You remember that old story of the abbe who told the company at supper one night how the first confession he ever received was from a murderer. Presently, enters to supper the Marquis de Beauford. "Palsambleu, Abbe!" says the brilliant marquis, taking a pinch of snuff. "Are you here? Gentlemen and ladies!
  20. Your answer:
    You are numbered among the faithful."
    I have killed a man."
    I was the abbe's first penitent."
    The abbe once heard my confession."

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