Reading for Understanding Three #84B

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  1. Despite the large number of the supposedly "psychological novels" published yearly, almost none of them show any real comprehension of human motivation. Psychological insight is an aim that is attained by few novelists, although it seems to be an aim that is
  2. Your answer:
    incessantly pursued.
    little desired.
    often achieved.
    rarely attempted.

  3. If the majority of hard, green apples you have tasted in your life have been sour, then you are apt to derive a tentative law that all hard, green apples are sour. You may occasionally, however, find a hard, green apple that is sweet. To the extent that there are exceptions to your law, your confidence in the law is decreased. We accept the law of gravity because of the lack of exceptional cases. Confidence in any natural law is inversely proportional to the
  4. Your answer:
    amount of variation in results.
    carelessness of the experimenter.
    number of observations on which it is based.
    number of things that it can explain.

  5. Trees, trees, trees -- all around their house they have planted guardians of privacy. Evergreens are best of all, for these trees conceal all year round. If you ever chance to speak to any of the owners of the trees, you will please them most by implying that you
  6. Your answer:
    have guessed their secret.
    intend to visit them.
    have often failed to observe them.
    admire their evergreens.

  7. John Stuart Mill wrote, "Allowing everything to an instinct that anybody has ever asserted to be one, it remains true that nearly every respectable attribute of humanity is the result not of instinct, but of a victory over instinct; and that there is hardly anything valuable in the natural human being except capacities -- a whole world of possibilities, all of them dependent for being realized upon eminently
  8. Your answer:
    acquired discipline."
    natural law."
    natural inclination."
    respectable instincts."

  9. We all know that there are millions of people who are not blind but who have more or less severe visual handicaps for which they need glasses. Total deafness is fairly rare, but it is estimated that in one country, fifteen million people have varying degrees of hearing impairment. Many of these cases are not recognized by families or physicians. An article in a medical journal referred to hearing loss as that country's
  10. Your answer:
    most frequent physical impairment.
    only sensory handicap.
    gravest social problem.
    incurable handicap.

  11. Some people erroneously assume that uniformity and symmetry are laws of nature; for example, that every normal person's face is precisely symmetrical, that all persons have the same number of bones in their bodies, and so on. Some have even claimed that asymmetry is an indication of degeneration. As a matter of fact, however, perfect symmetry or uniformity
  12. Your answer:
    is an indication of perfection.
    does not exist in nature.
    is frequently found in nature.
    is normal and desirable.

  13. The actors in a Greek drama wore masks and were restricted to the use of stylized gestures. Their chief means of expression was
  14. Your answer:
    a display of emotion.
    an expressive face.
    a well-trained voice.
    graceful movement.

  15. Many ships are equipped with sonar (sound navigation and ranging), a device used to measure the depth of water and to locate the position of submerged objects. The sonar sends out a sound signal. When the sound wave meets an object (perhaps a submarine), the wave is reflected back to the sonar. The time elapsed from sending the sound until its "echo" is received gives a measure of the distance of the object because the speed of sound in water is
  16. Your answer:

  17. If we consider that the cell is the basic unit of biology, we may have trouble explaining the case of the amoeba. While the amoeba resembles a human white blood cell in size and appearance, it is more like a higher form of life in that it carries on life processes such as respiration and digestion. The amoeba functions as a complex organism even though it lacks
  18. Your answer:
    cellular differentiation.
    unicellular appearance.
    white blood cells.
    the qualities of life.

  19. Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution is mention of political parties. The founders of the nation considered party organizations to be mere factions that impeded the efficient operation of governmental processes. They apparently intended to create a government that would
  20. Your answer:
    be independent of parties.
    ensure liberty and equality.
    forcibly outlaw political parties.
    operate successfully forever.

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