Reading for Understanding Three #84A

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  1. Interpersonal adjustment of the members of a patriarchal family, which was not achieved in other ways, was imposed on them by economic necessity and social pressure. Today, these forces have been reduced and have less influence in
  2. Your answer:
    unifying the family.
    decreasing social pressure.
    solving economic problems.
    bringing about divorce.

  3. Those people whose conversation consists solely of sustained shoptalk may be so restricted by necessity, not by preference. Often, shop is all that they know, and they talk about it vigorously in order to avoid conversational topics that might lead to the revelation of their
  4. Your answer:

  5. The standard of living to which developed nations are accustomed is much higher than that of the rest of the world, the difference being attributed largely to the Industrial Revolution. The historian Toynbee has said that the present generation will be known in history as the first to achieve universally high aspirations in living standards. There are few areas in the world where the people are not aspiring to the living standards of the
  6. Your answer:
    present time.
    Old World.
    industrialized nations.

  7. There are circumstances which, at the time of their happening, are a kind of riddle, and as every riddle is to be followed by its answer, so those kinds of circumstances will be followed by their events, and those events are always the
  8. Your answer:
    true solution.
    truest riddles.
    false answers.
    hardest riddles.

  9. The scientific method is the systematic classification of related facts followed by the formulation and experimental verification of the rules by which they are consistently related. The philosophical method apparently proceeds by leaping from cogitation to formulation with no subsequent check upon the degree of agreement between theory and observable fact. Application by different people of the philosophical method, which is highly dependent upon the individual consciousness, may lead to widely disparate conclusions about the same range of facts; unlike the scientific method, it rarely results in
  10. Your answer:
    individual findings that can be discussed.
    classifications and interpretations.
    practical unanimity of judgment.
    any degree of personal satisfaction.

  11. To many of us, objective success alone is insufficient to produce a feeling of satisfaction. Our victories must be, if not approved, then at least known. Possibly the inadequacy of unacknowledged success is one reason why some criminals who have "gotten away with it" experience
  12. Your answer:
    a need to confess.
    pride at having duped society.
    feelings of guilt and remorse.
    a fear of being caught.

  13. A chemical called rutin, applied to X-ray burns, tends to increase the rate and degree of healing. Weak doses of radiation are normally used in the treatment of cancer because of the danger of permanent injury to the surrounding healthy tissue. The use of rutin permits the application of stronger radiation to cancerous cells, because the use of rutin decreases the probability that
  14. Your answer:
    stronger radiation will burn healthy tissue.
    strong radiation will not check cancerous growth.
    cancerous cells will be destroyed by radiation.
    healthy tissue that is burned will not heal.

  15. For some reason, there appears to be a difference between the manner in which general news and political news are reported. While news concerning murder or appointments is rarely reported until all details have been checked, political stories are reported that are based on
  16. Your answer:

  17. Leaders seem to operate on the theory that pity is a powerful force that can overcome even the jealousy of their followers. Leaders loudly complain about pressure and overwork merely to
  18. Your answer:
    make their prestige more obvious.
    deplore the suffering of the great.
    increase their range of sentiments.
    abate the edge of envy.

  19. Formerly, workers took pride in the quality of the articles that they produced. Now they have learned to shift their concern from quality to quantity. It is to their advantage to turn out as many products as can be sold. The standard of quality is raised not so much through the workers' pride in their product as by the public's
  20. Your answer:
    demand for a better article.
    purchase of goods as rapidly as they are made.
    demand for more rapid production.
    satisfaction with shoddy goods.

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