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  1. Some conservation agencies have projects for restocking and transplanting species of game. Game is restocked in an area that can easily support it. Transplanting game means removing a particular species to a new habitat in order to distribute that particular species more widely or to remove it because it is in such abundance that the natural habitat cannot adequately support it. Restocking game implies that the species is placed in a habitat where it
  2. Your answer:
    cannot harm farm crops.
    has been before.
    is more widely dispersed.
    is safe from hunters.

  3. There are two infallible indexes that point to authorship of the unsigned articles by Nelson and by Nelson alone. One of these is the internal stylistic and attitudinal consistency; the other is that no such matter is to be found in the paper before the time of his association with it or after his
  4. Your answer:

  5. Aristotle is often praised for his extensive compilation of zoological facts, but the Historia Animalium shows that he was sometimes careless in verifying tales of natural wonders and that he did not recognize the difficulty of
  6. Your answer:
    statistical methods.
    accurate observation.
    publicizing his findings.
    developing a nomenclature.

  7. On the stage of life, God and angels only should be lookers-on; contemplation and action ought ever to be united, a conjunction like unto that of the two highest planets, Saturn the planet of rest, and Jupiter the planet of
  8. Your answer:

  9. Vegetables grown in the tropics are much less palatable than vegetables grown in temperate climates. In the tropics there has been no selective cultivation of the best native varieties, and the tasty varieties developed in temperate climates do not bear good seed in the tropics. The tropical gardener who would raise good vegetables must
  10. Your answer:
    grow native plants.
    ignore modern horticulture.
    buy them from foreign dealers.
    import seed from temperate zones.

  11. The universe of phenomena is an organic whole, the parts of which are not really divisible, even though we must separate them for convenience of study. We find it necessary to pursue separate lines of investigation for gravitative, thermal, chemical, vital, psychic, or social phenomena; but in reality these phenomena are
  12. Your answer:
    only assorted generalities.
    only theoretically related.
    ever intermingled and interactive.
    systematic entities.

  13. The term specialization refers to the system in which each person performs a particular and perhaps different task. People receive money for their work and with this money buy goods and services that others have produced. Specialization has thus led to
  14. Your answer:
    a barter economy.
    an immobile social structure.
    a money economy.
    a lower standard of living.

  15. My art teacher thought that one learns to paint by the secondhand study of techniques, which are then to be formalized into specific directions to be followed by the aspiring artist. She maintained that sufficiently close adherence to this method must unfailingly produce a work of true art. Each time that I failed, she admonished me to
  16. Your answer:
    relinquish hope of being an artist.
    portray my model more realistically.
    pay more attention to the rules.
    try a different approach.

  17. In some scientific journals, sentences bulge with unnecessary words and phrases that weaken the article's emphasis and even hide the ideas that the writer is trying to express. One would never guess from a look at these writings that science
  18. Your answer:
    takes pride in natural resources.
    requires no knowledge of languages.
    is renowned for its efficiency.
    encourages research.

  19. The foundations of Western civilization are the Greek and Roman traditions of antiquity. Greek ideas of beauty and rationality and Roman concepts of government and law preserved Western Europe from barbarism for over a thousand years. Even though the twentieth century has attempted to discard the classical Greek ideas in art, in the words of Shelley, "We are
  20. Your answer:
    too modern."
    all Greeks."

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