Reading for Understanding Three #7C

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  1. The common housefly carries disease germs on the fine hairs of its legs. The filthy living habits of this insect make it a potential carrier of many germs. People often consider the buzzing housefly merely a nuisance, when actually it is
  2. Your answer:

  3. Trees add a new layer, or growth ring, each year. We can tell the age of a tree by the number of rings in the trunk. These rings are not all the same thickness. When the rainfall is adequate, the tree has good growth, and the ring is thick. When there is a drought, the tree ring for the corresponding year
  4. Your answer:
    is darker.
    is thin.
    is uneven.

  5. A blind operator of a newsstand reported to police that a customer asked for change for a large bill but actually left a small bill. The police soon brought the vendor a suspect. The suspect was proved guilty of the fraud by the fact that the vendor recognized the suspect's
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  7. Most archery contests are target-shooting events. But for many years there have also been flight-shooting contests in which the archers try only for distance. With a very light arrow and a bow as heavy as 440 kilograms, archers can shoot arrows a distance of more than 732 meters. A Turkish sultan is reported to have shot an arrow 889 meters in 1798. We believe that the report is true because the English ambassador to the sultan's court reported that he
  8. Your answer:
    witnessed the event.
    believed the report inaccurate.
    bought the bow as a souvenir.
    read the newspaper account.

  9. Salt has been used for seasonings and for preserving food for as long as we have had written records. Sometimes it has had to be transported from great distances when there was no supply at hand. One of the oldest roads to Italy was called the Via Salaria (salt road), because it was the road over which salt was
  10. Your answer:

  11. Nowadays, we have machines for making many things that people used to make by hand. Making things by hand is now popular as a hobby rather than a neccesity. Examples of these handicrafts are weaving, bookbinding, knitting, block printing, lace making, and basket weaving. These and other crafts are so widely enjoyed that special shops carry a variety of supplies for handicrafters. These shops are called
  12. Your answer:
    chain stores.
    hobby shops.
    variety shops.

  13. The tendency of peach trees to blossom early subjects the fruit to the danger of late spring frosts. The leading U.S. peach-growing states are California, where there is little danger of frost, and Georgia, where the springs are cold enough to delay the budding of the peach trees until the
  14. Your answer:
    peach orchards are cultivated.
    peaches are ready for market.
    danger of the frost has past.
    California peaches are sold.

  15. Iron is produced commercially on every continent and on many islands. The United States if one of the major producers of iron. Although some metals seem more valuable, iron is the most importand metal in the world. The great industrial development of the United States has made use of the tremendous quantities of iron. It is fortunate that its domestic supply is so
  16. Your answer:

  17. Signalling by sound is an old practice. Primitive tribes gave warnings and other signals by means of drums. Certain vehicles, such as some police cars, fire engines, and ambulances, use a siren to warn other cars to clear the way for them. Ships travelling through the fog use sound signals to prevent
  18. Your answer:

  19. According to an old Roman myth, the gods Jupiter and Mercury visited the earth in disguise. They came to the the cottage of Baucis and Philemon, an aged and poor couple, and asked for food. The old couple had little but they gave generously to the visitors. When the milk pitcher did not become empty as they poured from it, the old couple realized that their guests were
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