Reading for Understanding Three #79B

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  1. As we become fatigued, it is necessary for us to narrow our field of attention in order to avoid decreased efficiency at a particular task. On a long car trip, the good driver gradually ceases to
  2. Your answer:
    remember his destination.
    watch the road.
    feel tiredness.
    carry on a conversation.

  3. We are the merriest species of the creation; all others are serious. We see things in a different light from other beings, and find our mirth rising from objects that would perhaps cause something like pity or displeasure in other natures. Laughter is indeed a very good counterpoise to the spleen; it seems reasonable that we should be capable of receiving joy from what is no real good to us since we can receive grief from
  4. Your answer:
    displeasure in higher natures.
    what is no real evil.
    other beings.
    what is unknown.

  5. There are examples in genetics in which certain environmental conditions may keep the effect of a gene hidden. One example is a species of plant that has a red- and a white-flowered variety. The white variety bears white flowers when grown at high temperatures. Thus, if both of these varieties are raised in a hothouse, their real genetic differences
  6. Your answer:
    are easily observed.
    become exaggerated by the heat.
    may be entirely masked.
    give them high sale value.

  7. Courtesy can be likened to air cushioning in car seats; there may not be much substance in it, but good manners gradually eases the
  8. Your answer:
    boredom of solitary living.
    jolts of rough driving.
    fatigue of extended driving.
    rough terrain of social exchange.

  9. Although a certain amount of inherent grace and agility is necessary to become a Thai dancer, much else is needed. The dancing schools in Thailand require that, before students can put on a dancing costume, they must learn to arch their hands like a swan's, touch their fingers to both sides of the forearm, and achieve a degree of double-jointedness in their elbows. Prior to becoming a dancer, an aspirant must spend many years learning
  10. Your answer:
    natural limb movements.
    ancient dance music.
    rigorous physical feats.
    the history of dance.

  11. Most maps are very attractive as well as informative. Even when they become out of date, they have their uses: reproductions of old maps are in great demand not only as curiosities, but also because they are
  12. Your answer:

  13. "Alliteration" is the name given to the literary device in which the same initial sound occurs in several words in a sequence. Alliteration is illustrated by the phrase
  14. Your answer:
    peck of pickled peppers.
    bright white light.
    mighty like a rose.
    fun in the sun.

  15. The author of this article claims that a readjustment in business may be differentiated from a recession by the absence of a clearly defined, uniform trend. She believes that the present decline in business activity indicates a readjustment because it is
  16. Your answer:

  17. An English king travelling with his army sent heralds ahead to prepare the way. The town of Gotham could not afford to feed and house the king and his hungry army, so its people made a plan to discourage a visit. When the king's heralds arrived, the people were doing such foolish things as trying to rake the moon out of a pond or making a ring of stakes to fence in a bird. When the messengers reported what they had seen to the king, he cancelled the visit. The people of Gotham were very
  18. Your answer:

  19. The horseshoe or king crab does not have to learn to move away from light. It does so instinctively, but it also adapts to the inequalities of the surface over which it crawls. Even inherited reflexes contain a variable element that is in part an adaptation to a particular situation; for example, even inherited reflexes are altered by learning. Conversely, a certain number of inherited reflexes are present in any form of
  20. Your answer:
    unlearned activity.
    less rational reflexes.
    avoiding strong light.
    learned activity.

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