Reading For Understanding Three #78C

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  1. The director of the company believes that there is a growing awareness by management that business corporations are, and should be, guided by policies that are designed to satisfy human needs as well as material needs, and that there is nothing inconsistent between this and the making of
  2. Your answer:
    better opportunities for workers.
    educational opportunities for workers.
    political enemies in some quarters.
    good and satisfactory profits.

  3. Recent experiments comparing the visual acuity of human beings and of an American kestrel, a species of falcon, showed that the kestrel could discriminate visual stimuli at about two and a half times the distance that the human subjects needed to succeed. The experiments confirm the common belief that falcons have superior vision that enables them, when they are flying at high altitudes, to spot and attack small animals
  4. Your answer:
    in flight.
    hidden from view.
    on the ground.
    at night.

  5. Literary standards are not determined in the long run by critics or teachers but by the average intelligent reader. Popularity of appeal does not necessarily indicate that a book is mediocre. Enduring popularity is one of the most definite indications of
  6. Your answer:
    mistaken judgement.
    clever advertising.

  7. One consequence of wind action is that large areas are frequently levelled off because the wind tends to move loose material from higher places and deposit it
  8. Your answer:
    at high elevations.
    in depressions.
    against fences.
    as large sand dunes.

  9. Few of our great newspapers or magazines could support themselves by their subscriptions alone. Their profit depends upon the money they receive from advertisements. Large advertisers can often control the policies of the papers in which they advertise. A newspaper, by advocating, even indirectly, measures that advertisers believe to be against their interests, may lose
  10. Your answer:
    the respect of its subscribers.
    a large part of its circulation.
    some of its best reporters.
    the patronage of business interests.

  11. Because of the extensiveness of its territory, the size of its population, and the strength and age of its culture, China has in the past always gradually conquered its conquerors. Despite their greater military strength, those who have occupied China after defeating it in battle have
  12. Your answer:
    laid down their weapons.
    been ruthlessly slaughtered.
    ruled long and wisely.
    been assimilated by it.

  13. A person can learn to operate a camera successfully without knowing much about the science of optics. By the same token, one can become a sharpshooter without
  14. Your answer:
    owning one's own gun.
    knowing the rules of hunting.
    much practice.
    a knowledge of explosives.

  15. Knowledge and pleasure are inextricably interlocked. It is impossible for us to learn what we do not enjoy, and we cannot enjoy that which does not impart
  16. Your answer:
    a lesson.
    a practical use.
    a novelty.
    strong emotion.

  17. The travel agency is advertising a trip to a certain country and headlines an attractive travel photograph with the line, "The sooner you go, the longer you'll have to remember it." It urges you to plan your trip soon because you cannot get back the time you lose
  18. Your answer:
    in careful planning.
    at this end of the memory.
    if you are retired.
    a year from now.

  19. Of the five Great Lakes of North America, Lake Superior is the greatest in area, length, depth, and elevation. Lake Ontario is the smallest of the five and lowest in elevation. Lake Michigan and Lake Huron have the same elevation. Lake Erie is connected with Lake Ontario by the Niagara River, which drops a total distance of ninety-nine meters. The flow of water through the Great Lakes is
  20. Your answer:
    from Lake Superior.
    through locks.
    from Lake Ontario.
    toward Lake Superior.

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