Reading For Understanding Three #78B

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  1. Painting, more than poetry, directly arouses emotion because it appeals vividly and compellingly to the senses without the necessity of ideational mediation. The effectiveness of poetry depends upon the activities of memory and imagination, not upon
  2. Your answer:
    immediate impression.
    appeals to sentiment.
    the communication of ideas.
    representation in words.

  3. My mind seems to be filled with inane impressions and inconsequential reflections. I hope that anyone who offers a penny for my thoughts does not expect
  4. Your answer:
    to be questioned in turn.
    an answer from me.
    really to pay.
    any great bargain.

  5. As the rivers empty into the sea, they deposit in bays and deltas the silt that they eroded from the land on their journey to the sea. Thus, in time, the bays become shallower and shorter, not extending as far inland as they once did. Concurrently, the pounding of the waves erodes the promontories of land, shortening their extension into the sea. These simultaneous processes of deposition and erosion cause a reduction in the
  6. Your answer:
    erosive power of the waves.
    erosion of the beach.
    river deposits.
    irregularities of the coastline.

  7. The separation of thought and action in education is regrettable. When students are encouraged to absorb facts rather than to learn to apply skills, education becomes
  8. Your answer:
    an esoteric function performed by only a few.
    an invaluable part of worthwhile living.
    the passive reception of information.
    the translation of thoughts into actions.

  9. "They that keep the law, happy are they"- that is the Hebrew notion of felicity; and, pursued with passion and tenacity, this notion would not let Hebrews rest till, as is well known, they had at last got out of the law a network of prescriptions to enwrap their whole life. While Hebraism seized upon certain plain, capital intimations of the universal order and riveted itself on the study and observance of them, the bent of Hellenism was to follow, with flexible activity, the whole play of the universal order, to be apprehensive of missing any part of it. The governing idea of Hellenism was spontaneity of consciousness; that of Hebraism,
  10. Your answer:
    strictness of conscience.
    individuality of conscience.
    Hellenism of conscience.
    flexibility of conscience.

  11. We have not been able to maintain the production schedule agreed upon. We cannot find additional employees or increase efficiency. Our estimate was too
  12. Your answer:

  13. "Give me the making of the songs of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws." The author of these words believes that music
  14. Your answer:
    gives great joy to a nation.
    determines a nation's character.
    is an international language.
    should be a compulsory study.

  15. As a rule, the more reliable a corporation or a government, the lower will be the interest that it pays on bonds. The interest rate on U.S.government bonds is low because people
  16. Your answer:
    want to support their government.
    are interested in saving money.
    have plenty of money to invest.
    have faith in the government.

  17. An automatic system for reporting and analyzing weather data functions at much greater speed than can human operators. Data from stations using automatic equipment for recording temperature, barometric pressure, wind direction, and other conditions are reported to a central electronic computer that analyzes the data and transmits the results
  18. Your answer:

  19. Rousseau taught that the supreme authority or sovereignty rests in the will of the entire people and that this authority cannot rightly be taken away and given to any ruler. The will of a ruler may be accepted as authority, however, as long as the people, having been given an opportunity to oppose the ruler, do not do so. Their lack of opposition may be interpreted as agreement only if the
  20. Your answer:
    people are free to speak.
    will of the people is suppressed.
    ruler knows the will of the people.
    ruler is authoritarian.

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