Reading for Understanding Three #77C

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  1. A high-intensity projector is especially useful under daylight or artificial lighting conditions where a darkened room is not
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  3. Thomas Jefferson believed that an autocratic government in which the people are not involved divides the population into wolves (the rulers) and sheep (the people). He said of democracy in a letter to another public official, "If once the people become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress and assemblies, judges and governors, shall all become
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  5. While his colleagues drew inferences concerning life from a study of the dead, French entomologist J. Henri Fabre investigated life itself. He studied the habits and life histories of living insects when other entomologists were concerned only with
  6. Your answer:
    pinned and mounted specimens.
    insects that were unusual.
    all forms of laiving creatures.
    their natural habitats.

  7. It is characteristic of many groups to resist change; for, they argue, change is not necessarily for the better, but may also be for the worse. Change means disorganization, and these groups tend to view it
  8. Your answer:
    as inevitable.
    with complacency.
    with suspicion.
    as desirable.

  9. Upon this occasion, it is only fitting that we should pause to pay tribute to the eighty members who, fifty years ago, founded our organization. However, since their names, besides being familiar to all of us, appear on the printed agenda,
  10. Your answer:
    we owe each a debt of gratitude.
    each will rise as his or her name is read.
    we shall call on each one to speak.
    we shall not read the list aloud.

  11. A noticeable trend in leisure-time activities is the movement away from mere observation to active participation. Less money has been spent on film-going and more on
  12. Your answer:
    tennis rackets.
    TV-dinner trays.
    sport blankets.
    opera glasses.

  13. The astronomer uses a unit of measurement called a light-year. It is the distance that light would travel in a year at a rate of about 300,000 kilometers per second. Light from the sun takes a little over eight minutes to reach the earth. Do we really comprehend four light-years as distance? Probably not. Four is meaningful, but we do not really comprehend light-year as
  14. Your answer:
    a planet.

  15. In the seventeenth century, Rene Descartes wrote that good sense, the ability to distinguish right from wrong, is equally divided among people. Good sense or reason, its very nature, says Descartes, is the possession of everyone in a large and equal amount. All people, however, do not conduct their thoughts along the same channels or fix their attention on the same objects. We do not differ in the amount of good sense, according to Descartes, but in
  16. Your answer:
    degree of it.
    its application.
    its possession.

  17. The speaker stated that a free, virile democracy can outpace any dictatorship in the long pull. But a people bent on a soft security, surrendering their birthright of individual self-reliance, scrambling for subsidies, eager for government pabulum, will not, when confronted by a dictatorship,
  18. Your answer:
    measure up to the competition.
    lose any of its security.
    have difficulty in surviving.
    imitate its apparent virtues.

  19. The Chinese were the first, in about 2640 B.C., to learn how to use the threads from a cocoon to make silk and to learn that mulberry leaves were the preferred food of the silkworms that spin the cocoon. The method of producing silk was kept secret for over three thousand years. It is reported that two misssionaries to China in A.D. 550 smuggled silkworm larvae (eggs) and mulberry seeds to Constantinople in a hollow staff. Although silk is produced in many places, the amount available is still not large enough to match the demand for it, and it is still
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