Reading for Understanding Three #77A

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  1. One of the chief differences between the dancing of India and the ballet of Europe lies in the roles of the dancers. In Indian dancing, the dancers are the source of the idea, and the dance seems to originate from them. In European ballet, on the other hand, the dancers are the means of expression for the ideas of the choreographer. In this respect, Indian dancing is creative; European ballet,
  2. Your answer:
    less exotic.

  3. The sun appears as the most imposing of the heavenly bodies that we observe. Considered in relation to the other members of the galactic universe, however, our sun ranks very close to the average in brightness and in speed of motion. It is undifferentiated from an immense group of other stars in mass, bulk, and surface temperature. In short, in the galactic community, our sun has the status of a
  4. Your answer:
    publicly supported mendicant.
    guardian of law and order.
    moderately influential politician.
    respectable middle-class citizen.

  5. Their prophets and priests occasionally come down from the mountains to prognosticate of things to come; they either persuade or dissuade the people from war. But, if they chance to miss their divination, and if events occur otherwise than they foretold them, then, if they be taken, they are hewn in a thousand pieces and condemned as false prophets. Therefore, they that have once misreckoned themselves
  6. Your answer:
    are never seen again.
    return to the mountain.
    are lowered to servants.
    may yet redeem their error.

  7. Contrary to his usual practice, which was to stop the safari at sundown, and doubly strange because he was old and surely tired, the guide at dusk that evening announced that
  8. Your answer:
    camp must be made immediately.
    friendly tribes lived nearby.
    he was too old to go on.
    we would keep moving.

  9. It was a region of such wild brutality that not even the most resourceful of peoples, savage or civilized, had ever been able to inhabit it. Only the lower forms of life abundantly existed here in a timeless and an unchanging life-death cycle. Its past was
  10. Your answer:
    distinguishable from the present.
    as yet undetermined.
    the same as its present.
    present in its ancient ruins.

  11. Truth is confined to no age and to no country. Its voice has been heard in both the Egyptian temple and the European university. It has darted its light athwart the gloom of antiquity as well as given a new magnificence to the illumination of modern times...What would have been the present degradation of science had the spirit of each generation been that of contempt for the toil and investigations of its ancestry? Science would exist in a state of perpetual
  12. Your answer:

  13. In all probability my case was by no means so unusual as I fancied it, and I doubt not that many others have
  14. Your answer:
    remembered it.
    ignored it.
    never had this experience.
    passed through a similar state.

  15. It is virtually impossible for a registered letter to be unaccountably lost by the postal system. Each employee who handles the letter has to give a receipt to the employee from whom it was obtained. Postal officials thus can trace a missing registered letter to an employee who has signed for it and
  16. Your answer:
    will deliver it to the addressee.
    can show no receipt for it.
    has given it to another employee.
    has stolen the money.

  17. Art is regarded by most people as a "very nice thing", but most people easily forget when a matter of practical nature arises. For example, very few persons would
  18. Your answer:
    give up a concert merely because of the weather.
    forgo a meal in order to buy a picture.
    view pictures that they had prviously seen.
    consider the ballet as worthwhile drama.

  19. The giant green sea turtle of Hawaii nests only every third year, but then does so on a grand scale, each turtle depositing four hundred to five hundred eggs. When the young turtles hatch, they make a break for the water. They run a gauntlet of predatory birds on the way; once in the water, they are prey to sharks and other enemies with the result that only two percent survive. Even against all these problems, a band of sea turtles can survive or even increase in number because they
  20. Your answer:
    are protected from their enemies.
    can live for a century or more.
    are widely used in cooking.
    cannot find enough food.

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