Reading for Understanding Three #75A

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  1. Copper is cheaper than silver and, next to silver, is the best conductor of electricity. Although the supply of copper in the world is very large, our uses are so great that we should not waste copper. In order to protect our resources, much of the pure copper used in the United States is
  2. Your answer:
    reclaimed copper.
    copper alloy.

  3. Some thieves who broke into a house found only a rooster. The rooster begged them not to take him because he was useful in waking up the owners of the house to get them to work. The thieves told him that he interrupted their work by waking the owners, and they took the bird. Whether the rooster was useful to people depended on
  4. Your answer:
    the honesty of the owner.
    the occupation of the owner.
    the occupation of the thieves.
    whose interests were considered.

  5. Life consists of a sequence of difficult tasks satisfactorily accomplished. Interspersed periods of relaxation invest us with the will to begin and the energy to complete our duties. Thus, amusement underlies
  6. Your answer:

  7. In numerous subtle ways, the newspaper uses its layout to impose its editorial policy upon its readers. The page upon which a news story appears, its location on that page, the typographical emphasis within the story--all are dependent to some extent upon the official attitude of the paper toward the content of the story. Although it is unrecognized as such by most readers, the format of the newspaper is an instrument of
  8. Your answer:
    public opinion.

  9. The filterable viruses get their name from the fact that they pass through the pores of even the finest of porcelain filters. Several of the filterable viruses have been subjected to crystallization and have survived, a treatment that no microorganisms have ever withstood. When returned to the proper conditions after crystallization, the viruses resume their normal activity and multiply. The filterable viruses show properties of both inorganic and organic matter. They help to bridge the gap between
  10. Your answer:
    living and nonliving things.
    filterable and nonfilterable bodies.
    sickness and health.
    single-celled and many-celled animals.

  11. The way to peace is not an easy way. The only way really to smooth out difficulties between people is to approach them calmly, with a clear knowledge of what has gone before to build up the prejudices on both sides, and with the determination that there is a peaceful solution to be found. It must be a movement in which we have the courage sometimes to sacrifice something for the cause of
  12. Your answer:

  13. Attendance at adult education classes during the evening is valuable for adults who wish to extend their knowledge. More concentrated effort is often necessary for a thorough technical training. A young person who wishes to obtain a sound grasp of the scientific principles of engineering may profit best from
  14. Your answer:
    being interested in the subject.
    attending evening classes.
    full-time continuous study.
    reading extensively.

  15. Many contemporary historians do not accept the notion that history repeats itself. They do not believe that it should be studied
  16. Your answer:
    by serious scholars.
    as an example of progress.
    as a guide and a warning.
    as an end in itself.

  17. All scientific activity is dependent upon discoveries of the past and of the present. Each generation of scientists knows much more than its predecessors, but it also knows that its successors will be incomparably more knowledgeable. For science, inherently, must move in time and therefore must be
  18. Your answer:

  19. The force that we call gravity is an attraction that exists between any two bodies, large or small. On earth, we see the effects of gravity when an object falls, but we do not see that the earth is pulled towards the object. Because of the difference in mass between the earth and the object, the attraction of the object for the earth is infinitesimal, but it is there nonetheless. Two objects of more nearly equal mass, such as stars or planets, exert more noticeable effects on each other, so that astronomers studying the irregularities in the movements of some heavenly bodies have been able to infer the existence of other bodies that
  20. Your answer:
    defy gravity.
    affect the tides.
    can be seen.
    cannot be seen.

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