Reading for Understanding Three #74C

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  1. There are those people who never admit to error of judgement, who are confident of always being right, who will acknowledge no merit in any viewpoint other than their own. Discussion between them and others is impossible, because their conversation is too
  2. Your answer:

  3. The speed of a plane is clearly noticeable when the plane is a few hundred meters from the ground. But rate of speed is hard to determine when the plane is high above the clouds and no stationary objects can be seen from which to make comparisons. Thus rate of speed perceived is
  4. Your answer:
    determined by the pilot.
    determined by acceleration.
    relative to altitude.
    an independent quantity.

  5. Unlike the east and west winds, the north and south winds are but small princes in the dynasties that make peace and war upon the sea. They have no territory of their own; they are not reigning winds anywhere. They never assert themselves upon a vast stage. They depend upon local causes-the configuration of coasts, shapes of straits, the accidents of bold promontories round which they play their part. In the polity of winds, the real struggle lies between
  6. Your answer:
    princes and commoners.
    north and south.
    earth and sea.
    east and west.

  7. Under the U.S. Constitution, the House of Representatives may, by a majority vote, formally accuse a government official of some form of misconduct. The process is called impeachment. The impeached official is then tried by the Senate. If found guilty, the official is removed from office. Impeachment refers to the
  8. Your answer:

  9. The author Don Marquis knew the emptiness that everybody feels. "Always the struggle of the human soul is to break through the barriers of silence and distance into companionship. Friendship, lust, love, art, religion-we rush into them pleading, fighting, clamoring for the touch of spirit laid against our spirit." How else can we explain casual reading-hours spent with a book in your lap? Certainly you do not expect to learn anything. You want simply the encouragement of some chance corroboration of your course in life, the soothing "touch of spirit laid against spirit." Even if you read in order to disagree, to oppose everything the author says, your complaint betrays you: you are truly very
  10. Your answer:

  11. The product of the volume occupied by a gas and the pressure it exerts is theoretically a constant; but, since gas expands when heated, this relationship holds only
  12. Your answer:
    for smoke.
    for gas that has cooled.
    at a given temperature.
    if the pressure is constant.

  13. Andrew Jackson, as President of the United States, in his annual message in 1829, said: "Experience proves that in proportion as agents to execute the will of the people are multiplied there is danger of the people's wishes being frustrated. Some may be unfaithful; all are liable to err. So far, therefore, as the people can with convenience speak, it is safer for them to
  14. Your answer:
    rely on their agents."
    vote directly on issues."
    no longer have elections.
    elect their own agents."

  15. We are sometimes tempted to attribute the possession of intelligence to an insect that is able to perform very intricate tasks. But should this insect be confronted with some trivial obstacle, or should it be required to perform some action outside its usual routine in order to survive, we would be amazed at its stupidity. The insect is unable to perform any actions that
  16. Your answer:
    resemble those of other insects.
    will ensure its survival.
    seem to require memory.
    are not those usually required.

  17. Ships have been used in warfare for thousands of years. Warships have been equipped with a variety of weapons: bows and arrows; guns of various shapes, sizes, and destructive power; torpedoes, depth charges, rockets, and missiles. But, except for a few times in history when ships were used to ram and sink enemy vessels, warships have not been
  18. Your answer:
    weapons in themselves.
    very effective.
    used to attack.

  19. The specialization of functions developed by one-celled animals can occur only through differentiation of protoplasm. The one-celled animals are thus limited in the degree to which their funnctions are specialized. The multicellular animals, in contrast, develop a cellular organization in which different cells assume specific functions, and no one cell is required to perform all of the life functions of the animal. This division of functions increases the efficiency of the organism, but, at the same time, when the cell becomes specialized it becomes less capable of
  20. Your answer:
    interacting with other cells.
    protecting itself from its natural enemies.
    living a life independent of other cells.
    developing to full size.

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