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  1. One historian believes that progress, during the course of human history, has occurred during three periods that were isolated by much longer periods of time in which nothing of any importance to future generations occurred. Recognizing that the world has progressed a great deal since its beginning, this historian notes that these three periods were extremely
  2. Your answer:

  3. We are familiar with her inspired characterization of the greathearted heroes of the past; we can only wonder if she herself was generous and brave. Her subtle mind resolved many philosophical paradoxes, but how well did she cope with the everyday problems of life? We admire her dispassionate and unbiased treatment of historical controversies; did she display the same sense of fair play in her
  4. Your answer:
    opinions concerning other scholars?
    greatest achievements?
    common intercourse with other people?
    other related works?

  5. Professional conciliators are often successful in helping to settle trade union-management disputes if they can show both disputants that, ultimately, their objectives are
  6. Your answer:

  7. Work has a very special meaning to a physicist. When any mass is lifted any distance, the physicist says that work has been done. The amount of work done does not depend on the path that the mass takes in moving this distance. The two important factors that determine work are
  8. Your answer:
    speed and distance.
    mass and vertical distance.
    direction and mass.
    size and exerted force.

  9. Why do we laugh with disbelief when we hear of an eminent theoretical physicist who has made a killing on the stock market or of a master plumber who is a recognized amateur ornithologist? We have only to scan the biography of some versatile genius, or, indeed, to observe the varied activities of many of our own acquaintances, to realize that excellence in one field is
  10. Your answer:
    far from precluding achievement in another.
    a necessary consequence of genius.
    invariably accompanied by talent in all fields.
    the antithesis of financial acumen.

  11. In scientific research, disappointments are not the exception, but the rule. Scientists keep working in the hope that their present research will
  12. Your answer:
    be an exception.
    conform to the rule.
    be popularized.
    soon be completed.

  13. "Nearsightedness" may result if one keeps one's eye too fixedly at a microscope or a telescope, selecting from a vast myriad of forms a specific one for scrutiny. An investigator may become so intent upon a specific field as to lose sight of
  14. Your answer:
    defects in the microscope.
    possible future advancements.
    its position in the world at large.
    the subjectivity of observation.

  15. Not only were the Romans undemocratic, but at no period of its history did Rome love equality. In the Roman Republic, rank was determined by wealth. The census was the basis of the social system. All citizens had to declare their fortune before a magistrate, and their grades were then assigned to them. Poverty and wealth established the
  16. Your answer:
    need for a strong judicial system.
    legal differences between people.
    social equality among all people.
    democratic system of the Republic.

  17. A comet consists of a nucleus, a head, and a long, streaming tail. The tail always streams out from the head in a direction pointing away from the sun. Thus, when a comet is moving away from the sun, its tail
  18. Your answer:
    is closer to the sun than its head is.
    forms a circle around its head.
    points away from the earth.
    stretches out in front of its head.

  19. One of the tricks of some advertisers is what might be called delayed reaction propaganda. Most of us have seen the teaser advertisements proclaiming "It's coming!" with no hint as to what it is that is coming. Motor car manufacturers advertise that some new type of car is on the way; a motion picture title is publicized before anyone is aware that such a movie has been made; or a small advertisement on page two invites readers to turn to page twenty, where they are overwhelmed by a much larger advertisement. The purpose of this type a advertising is to develop a curiosity that will be satisfied only by reading the later advertisement. This type of advertising attempts to develop attitudes
  20. Your answer:
    beneficial to the seller.
    in the interest of the public.
    based on fact.
    conducive to criticism.

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