Reading for Understanding Three #74A

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  1. Infrared light is not visible to the human eye. Some stars give off only infrared light, but they can be observed by scientific instruments and can be photographed on infrared-sensitive photographic plates. It may seem a contradiction in terms, but we call these stars
  2. Your answer:
    red stars.
    distant stars.
    dark stars.

  3. Many scholars of the Greek language have found it difficult to translate the great works of the ancient Greeks into English in such a way that modern readers can enjoy them. The ancient Greek language was more matter-of-fact and far less ornate than is English. Consequently, many people find that a literal translation is often
  4. Your answer:

  5. "When Fortune smiles, I smile to think how quickly it will frown." with these lines the poet says that fortune is
  6. Your answer:
    a person.

  7. Despite their divergent political philosophies, the intellectual leaders of all classic Mediterranean civilizations held a common belief as the substructure of their various theories: the necessity of a large slave population to perform menial duties. In their uncritical acceptance of this presupposition was an implicit assumption that no group of civilized people could be
  8. Your answer:
    slave owners.

  9. In the United States, the law gives a person the right not to have his or her reputation attacked by false and defamatory statements. A defamatory statement is one that lowers a person in the estimation of other people or that exposes him or her to hatred, ridicule, or contempt. If the statement is made by spoken words, it is called slander; if the statement is written, it is called libel. The difference between slander and libel is not in the severity of the statement but in the
  10. Your answer:
    proof accompanying the statement.
    decision of the trial judge.
    amount of publicity accompanying it.
    medium by which it is transmitted.

  11. It is a human weakness to allow power to be concentrated in the hands of a few just because government may be simpler that way. The individual citizen is thus relieved of responsibility, a burden that many of us have a natural tendency to
  12. Your answer:

  13. All workers are consumers. They buy the jar of peaches, the loaf of bread, the cars, the furniture that industry makes, and they pay the price that the industry must ask. It is natural for workers to want all the wage benefits that they can get. But they should understand that they must pay for these benefits when, as consumers, they
  14. Your answer:
    benefit from the increase.
    produce the goods.
    purchase the products.
    raise the prices.

  15. The first step in the rehabilitation of war-torn countries is the provision for such immediate needs of the people as food, shelter, hospitalization, and so forth. Thus, in addition to an organization set up to deal with the long-range problems of the area, clearly there is need for another organization to deal with
  16. Your answer:
    emergency problems.
    the problems of coordination.
    the problems of planning in the area.
    organizational problems.

  17. The following lines are from Michelangelo's Sonnet 59:

    "It is with fire that blacksmiths iron subdue

    Unto fair form, the image of their thought:

    Nor without fire hath any artist wrought

    Gold to its utmost purity of hue:

    Nay, nor the unmatched phoenix lives anew,

  18. Your answer:
    except by magic."
    unless it burn."
    but by human aid."
    a dread to the populace."

  19. The person who must undergo surgery does not act on the assumption that all doctors are equally skilled. Nor does a writer expect editors to publish every article submitted. Even in a democracy, government officials are carefully chosen. In everyday life, no one acts in accordance with the proposition that
  20. Your answer:
    all persons are created equal.
    each person has some merit.
    democracy is a good thing.
    no two people are truly equal.

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