Reading for Understanding Three #73C

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  1. The possession of a high degree of intelligence is less important than the judicious application of the intelligence that one does possess. The more brilliant an individual is, the more catastrophic is the ruin resulting from the mischannelling of these abilities. Those who plod slowly down the right road are likely to go further ultimately than are those who
  2. Your answer:
    run rapidly in the wrong direction.
    misdirect others while following the right road.
    always travel rapidly.
    follow shortcuts to the right goal.

  3. Although the sequence of night and day may appear invariable in our experience, it does not follow that under all conditions this succession would remain unchanged. For the succession of night and day is a derivative sequence caused by the sun and is, therefore,
  4. Your answer:

  5. Language is certainly not a finished product but is continually changing both its words and its rules. The extent of this change is clearly illustrated by the "Canterbury Tales", written in England in the fourteenth century. Today, six centuries later, most find this work
  6. Your answer:
    too fantastic to believe.
    difficult to read.
    illustrative of early culture.
    delightful to read.

  7. There are always people ready to argue against any bold course of action on the grounds that conditions are not quite ideal-they seldom are; but by waiting for the completely perfect situation to arrive, people risk missing reasonably good chances that may come along. It seems that the present situation is as advantageous as we can reasonably expect.
  8. Your answer:
    Let us move now.
    A committee should study and report.
    We will be taking no chances.
    I still recommend caution.

  9. Every country has its distinctive methods of cooking. Because the people of Australia represent so many different racial and national backgrounds, it is not surprising that Australian cookery is
  10. Your answer:

  11. Human ingenuity is hard at work to conquer space, to open new frontiers as our ancestors conquered new continents and later generations conquered the air. There will be many practical applications of our understanding of the world around us: space-related communications and television, greatly improved worldwide weather forecasting, precise navigation aids for planes and ships, flights to other planets, and
  12. Your answer:
    a greatly increased air force.
    the need for high-powered rockets.
    reduced government budgets.
    other benefits yet unknown.

  13. No single wavelength yields a white ray; white light is produced when blue, yellow, and red are mixed in due proportion. Hence light is usually white, for light is a confused aggregate of rays of many hues from various parts of luminous bodies. And of such a confused aggregate, whiteness is generated if there is a proper proportion of the ingredients. But if any one predominates, the light must incline towards
  14. Your answer:
    the predominant hue.
    an unpredictable hue.

  15. The truth of an idea or of a statement is determined by the tests that have been contrived to establish the veracity of the statement. Thus, insofar as the results of these tests vary, there is in the statement or idea
  16. Your answer:
    no absolute truth.
    wastefulness in experimental effort.
    a lack of useful information.
    but one truth.

  17. Among aristocratic nations, an officer, independent of army rank, also occupies an elevated rank in society; the former is almost always in the officer's eyes only an appendage to the latter. A person of noble rank who embraces the profession of arms follows it less from motives of ambition than from a sense of the duties imposed by
  18. Your answer:

  19. There are those who say that the request for a receipt for money expended, the detailed specifications of every contract and the naming of penalties in the case of nonperformance, the requiring of security when engaging in a financial loan, and the many clauses in a legislative act that are inserted to prevent evasion of the act are all examples that imply that wrongdoing is certain to occur in course of time if there are left any openings for going wrong. Therefore, the only prudent course is to be ever seeking out the openings and
  20. Your answer:
    applying the punishment.
    evading the penalty.
    enlarging them.
    stopping them up.

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