Reading for Understanding Three #72C

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  1. A governing principle of our age is accumulation, and that which is profited is used to gain more profit. Even in the pursuit of knowledge this is so, for knowledge is sought for its own sake and employed for
  2. Your answer:
    its own destruction.
    the benefit of the majority.
    improvement of conditions.
    its own increase.

  3. A few legislators practice vote trading so blindly and extensively that they will support almost any measure offered, provided it wins them
  4. Your answer:
    votes for their own pet bills.
    publicity in the press.
    seats on a desirable committee.
    prestige with the hometown folks.

  5. The optimism of backslappers is rather offensive at times, for, no matter how cruel the wrongs one has endured, backslappers insist upon looking at the whole world with unchanging
  6. Your answer:

  7. In the perfect burning of fuel, all the energy that was in the fuel is converted into the energy of heat or the energy of work. In an equation representing this process, the total amount of energy appears on both sides; none of the energy is dissipated into nothingness, and no energy is left over. The energy of heat or work is equal to the total amount of energy that
  8. Your answer:
    was not lost.
    was in the fuel.
    remained after burning.
    was required for heat.

  9. Digital computers are capable of amanzing electronic feats of mind--memory, judgment, deductive reasoning. One irremediable lack in these manufactured mammoths, however, should dispel any fearful comparisons with the monster of Frankenstein; they can create no new knowledge. The information that they give us is derived solely by
  10. Your answer:
    mechanical power that transcends humanity.
    electric cells analogous to brain cells.
    their formulations of hypotheses.
    reshuffling what we give them.

  11. What is the shortest dramatic criticisms in theatrical history? "The Guiness Book of World Records" attributes it to Wolcott Gibb (died 1958), condemning the farce "Wham!" He wrote the single word
  12. Your answer:
    "Strike Three!"

  13. Mrs. Battle was an avid card player, and Whist was the game she liked most. She much preferred a four-hand game to a two-hand or three-hand game. In a four-hand game, one shares the winnings with a partner and divides the disgrace with the partner when they lose. Mrs. Battle felt that a two-hand or three-hand game was a
  14. Your answer:
    naked war of every player against every other player.
    game in which she more often lost than won.
    much too sociable game for serious card players.
    poor outlet for her gambling spirit.

  15. To stand alone among the unspoiled grandeurs of nature and try to imagine the mechanical procedure of civilization is impossible. It is more than impossible; it is ludicrous in the awesome presence of a bottomless, endless ocean or of an ever-reaching mountain to think that little human beings actually believe that their efforts at anything are
  16. Your answer:

  17. A famous legend relates that the Mouse Tower in the Rhine River was built by a wicked bishop, Hatto of Mainz, who fled to the tower to escape from the mice that attacked him because of his cruelty to the people. The story tells that the mice followed Hatto to the tower and devoured him. Historians know that there were two bishops of Mainz named Hatto, but the most famous version of the story occurs in "Grimm's Fairy Tales." The story has been told for so many years that it is difficult to separate
  18. Your answer:
    the parts for children.
    the pages of the old book.
    truth from fiction.
    fiction from legend.

  19. Most colleges in the United States, particularly private liberal arts institutions, use their facilities for only nine months of the year. With the increased enrollments that the schools are anticipating in the next few years, many colleges are considering using their buildings, laboratories and libraries for twelve months of the year. Thus, it is hoped that more students can be accommodated without
  20. Your answer:
    extensive new building plans.
    changing to a twelve-month plan.
    additional expense for instruction.
    stricter entrance examinations.

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