Reading for Understanding Three #72B

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  1. Some people wonder why this particular trade union has not shown as spectacular a growth as others have. This union is restricted to the organization of one particular type of industry, and this organization was virtually completed a decade ago. The union thus
  2. Your answer:
    is dominated by management.
    has nowhere to grow.
    must cease to exist.
    demands rapid turnover.

  3. The fate of the poor shepherd who, blinded and lost in the snowstorm, perishes in a drift within a few steps of his home is an emblem of the state of humanity. On the brink of the waters of life and truth, we are sometimes
  4. Your answer:
    miserably dying.
    being refreshed.
    exploring the depths.
    in danger of freezing.

  5. A hackneyed or trite phrase is called a cliche. "Those immutable laws that, down the corridors of Time, have guided the destiny of humans" exemplifies a pure cliche. Epigrams and figures of speech that once had great meaning are now so often repeated that they have become cliches. Familiarity destroys the imagery and originality that at first made such statements
  6. Your answer:

  7. The achievements of modern astronomy have given us a concept of the universe that is very different from that held for many years. Long ago, people thought of the sun, moon, and planets as revolving around the earth, a simple explanation that has had to give way as the immensity of the universe and the smallness of the earth have been
  8. Your answer:

  9. Shells that lived in our seas before the coming of the Ice Age present the same peculiarities of form, structure, and ornament that their descendants still possess. The lapse of so enormous an interval of time has not sufficed seriously to modify them. So, too, with the plants and higher animals that still survive. Some forms have become extinct, but few or none that remain display any
  10. Your answer:
    physical similarity to other species.
    resemblance to their primitive ancestors.
    transitional gradations into radically new forms.
    likelihood of having survived through natural selections.

  11. The illusion that great personalities and great events came oftener in early times than now is partly due to historical perspective. As in a range of equidistant columns, the farthest off look to be the closest together; so the conspicuous objects of the past seem more thickly clustered, the
  12. Your answer:
    nearer they are to the present.
    closer together they are.
    more remote they are.
    more important they are.

  13. A good career service needs an element of flexibility in addition to security. Some higher positions can be filled by automatic promotion from within the system, but this should not become the rule to the point that fresh blood cannot occasionally join the staff at high levels. Thus, we see that top positions in a good career service should be filled
  14. Your answer:
    never from within its ranks.
    always from outside its ranks.
    always by automatic promotion from within its ranks.
    sometimes from outside its ranks.

  15. Many of the ideas in terms of which we try to place ourselves in the universe are grounded in sheer faith. The most satisfactory creeds recognize the impossibility of human omniscience and acknowledge their own
  16. Your answer:
    claim to infallibility.
    refusal to appeal to faith.
    deliberate attempt to deceive.
    dependence upon beliefs.

  17. There is a tradition on how Blondel, a French troubadour, attendant and friend of King Richard Coeur de Lion, discovered Richard, imprisoned in the castle of Durrenstein. The troubadour sang beneath the tower window just the first half of a song he and the king had composed, and the king
  18. Your answer:
    sang the rest.
    rewrote the rest.
    heard it.
    enjoyed listening to it.

  19. Wordsworth writes of the affinity of youth with nature:

    "Though nothing can bring back the hour

    Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower."

    As far as I am concerned, this sentiment is untrue, for, old as I am,

  20. Your answer:
    spring delights me more each year.
    I mourn the departure of youth.
    I no longer care at all for nature.
    seasons come and go, unnoticed by me.

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