Reading for Understanding Three #72A

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  1. A whirling body tends to fly away from the core. The heavier the body is, the greater is this tendency. This is the principle on which the cream separator works. Thus, the cream, which is lighter than skim milk, is drawn off
  2. Your answer:
    from the edges.
    at the dairy.
    from the core.

  3. When our physical needs are satisfied, our possible desires increase immeasurably. By the introduction of work-saving devices and machinery, and thus the creation of additional leisure time, we are able to use even more of our energy to want more new articles and activities. Then production can be expanded to fill wants that were previously
  4. Your answer:

  5. As she herself would tell you, most of the virtues of humanity were her own. She was bold in deed, moderate in habit, and sterling in character. Her enemies could accuse her of nothing worse than
  6. Your answer:
    lack of humility.
    lack of uprightness.

  7. Probably our present standards of morality originally functioned to protect people from each other and from themselves. Many of our traditional standards still serve this purpose, but perhaps some of them have survived unnecessarily long. It is hard now to discriminate between useful and nonuseful taboos because we have been trained from childhood to recoil involuntarily at the infringement of many of them, without considering whether a particular infringement
  8. Your answer:
    offends tradition.
    displeases our parents.
    harms anyone.
    breaks some law.

  9. The age of law and reform and the age of Jeremy Bentham are one and the same. All former students of law had confined themselves to learning its principles, and all former writers had but expounded the doctrines handed down from age to age. It was Bentham who first tried the provisions of jurisprudence by the test of expediency, examining how far each part was connected with the rest, and inquiring how far even its most consistent arrangements were framed according to the principle that should pervade a code of laws--their adaptation to the circumstances of society and of the promotion of human happiness. He was eminently original among his scholarly colleagues, and it can be said that he was England's first
  10. Your answer:
    legal philosopher.

  11. Our action should rest mathematically on our substances. In nature, there are no false valuations. A kilogram of water in the ocean tempest has no more gravity than in a midsummer pond. All things, with the exception of the human race, work exactly according to their quality and according to their quantity; we wish and attempt things
  12. Your answer:
    beyond our force.
    according to our quality.
    with mathematical precision.
    beneath our dignity.

  13. The use of a new drug, allied with other methods in treatment, has so shortened the period of recovery from tuberculosis that the length of hospitalization of tubercular patients has been decreased by 75 percent. As a result, many tuberculosis sanatoriums have
  14. Your answer:
    been modernized.
    become crowded.
    been closed.

  15. This group regards industrial and domestic effluent (water, garbage, sewage) not as wastes, but as wasted resources. They believe that recycling will become a technological necessity and will be a sensible and effective method of
  16. Your answer:
    wildlife preservation.
    pollution control.

  17. Special training for those gifted in athletics, music, art, dramatics, writing and so forth has been provided in most U.S. schools for a long time. Now, it is beginning to be recognized that the academically gifted should be challenged in their schoolwork. To the four freedoms--freedom from fear, freedom from want, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion--one writer has urged us to add a fifth freedom: freedom
  18. Your answer:
    from tradition.
    of teaching.
    to do one's best.
    from specialists.

  19. In 1948, the Japanese ministry of education recommended a simplification of Japanese writing. In the new system, the number of characters is reduced to 1,850. Some language reformers in English are recommending a slight increase from twenty-six characters to about forty, believing that the change would simplify English spelling and writing. Changes like these are strongly resisted by people who already know
  20. Your answer:
    English grammar.
    how to read and write English.
    simplified spelling.

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