Reading for Understanding Three #70A

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  1. In some cases in which false statements might, if acted upon, result in danger or loss to those who believed them, the U.S. government prevents the statements from being made in the first place. The Pure Food and Drug Act is an example of federal regulation in this area, since it prohibits
  2. Your answer:
    the buying of certain drugs with a prescription.
    ethical practices.
    untrue advertising.
    exorbitant profits from the sale of food and drugs.

  3. Caves were the homes and burial places of primitive peoples, and from them scientists are able to learn much about these peoples' lives, habits, and beliefs. Caves contain evidence of primitive peoples' mode of life, their ideas, their artistic abilities, and their religions. Legends and superstitions have focused on caves, and they have been thought to be passages to the underworld. Dependence upon caves for shelter and their mysterious darkness made primitive peoples assign them
  4. Your answer:
    historical significance.
    great danger.
    scientific interest.
    very special importance.

  5. Monetary gain is an inadequate criterion for the success of a business. Losses are enough to define failure, but profit alone
  6. Your answer:
    does not connote success.
    denotes success.
    shows excellence of performance.
    is the reward of industry.

  7. The face of the country is so level that rainwater stands for months upon it. The water does not flow off but very gradually soaks into the soil and then oozes out in bogs. There are two rainy seasons in the year, and therefore two periods of flooding. There is no muddy sediment since the country is covered by such a mass of vegetation that the water flows over it without disturbing the soil beneath. Hence the water
  8. Your answer:
    is confined.
    remains very clear.
    is full of bogs.
    runs off.

  9. Thoreau often expressed views that were disapproved by most people, even considered disloyal by many. He said, "This government never of itself furthered any enterprise but by the alacrity with which it got out of the way of that enterprise. Government does not keep the country free, nor does it settle the west, nor does it educate. The character inherent in the American people has done all that has been accomplished; and it would have done somewhat more if the government had not
  10. Your answer:
    supported the effort."
    relinquished federal powers to the states."
    had such wise leadership."
    sometimes got in its way."

  11. It is not good, in matters of discourtesy, to dive into others' minds beyond their own comment, nor to stir upon a doubtful indignity without it, unless we have proofs that carry weight and conviction with them. Words do sometimes fly from the tongue that the heart did neither hatch nor shelter. Thus, while we think to avenge an injury, we many times
  12. Your answer:
    begin one.
    prove it.
    deserve it.
    avenge it.

  13. At all levels of the animal kingdom, there is safety in numbers, provided the numbers are not so great as to need more than the available food supply. If a natural population--for example, a particular species of birds--is decreased until only a few remain, the species is in danger of dying out in a particular area unless others of the species move into the area. Thus, either underpopulation or overpopulation seems to lead to
  14. Your answer:
    fatal wars.
    optimal age.

  15. In the opera "Tannhauser", a German minstrel of that name journeys to Rome to ask the pope to forgive him his many sins. The pope says that the minstrel's sins are so grievous that, just as the pope's staff can never blossom, the sins can never be forgiven. The minstrel sorrowfully returns to Germany and is lost. Soon the pope's messengers are sent to find Tannhauser to inform him that his sins are miraculously forgiven, because
  16. Your answer:
    the pope wants the minstrel in Rome.
    the sins are insignificant.
    the opera needs a happy ending.
    the pope's staff has borne flowers.

  17. The Greek poets strove to achieve metrical perfection in their poetry. Their primary concern in writing a poem was with its
  18. Your answer:

  19. The Louvre in Paris has the restoration of a stone found in 1868 at Dhiban in what was ancient Moab. The stone is believed to have been carved by a scribe about 800 B.C. and is of interest to scholars of ancient languages. When the French tried to buy the stone, Arabs broke it into many pieces, hoping to get more money for it. The French bought some of the larger pieces and were able to make the restoration of the entire stone because a French embassy official at Constantinople (now Istanbul) had
  20. Your answer:
    handled the financial arrangements.
    made a paper impression of the stone.
    hidden the original from the Turks.
    had the writing deciphered.

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