Reading for Understanding Three #6C

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  1. The Blackfoot Indians of North America had three special ways they could earn distinction as a respected member of the tribe: to steal an enemy's weapon during battle, to bring home an enemy's scalp, or to touch a live enemy. To earn special distinction as prescribed by the tribe, the Blackfoot would have to be engaged in
  2. Your answer:
    warlike activities.
    bison hunting.
    ritual dancing.

  3. It has been estimated that non-English immigrants to what is now the United States made up only about 40 percent of the colonial population. This 40 percent was divided among Scots, French, Germans, and others. It is not surprising, then, that the almost universal language of the United States is
  4. Your answer:

  5. As a rule, most abdications have been the result of political events that stripped rulers of their power and forced them from office. The rulers of Japan are an exception to this rule. They often abdicated in order to retire to a religious contemplation. These abdications were
  6. Your answer:

  7. The ancient Greeks said that when people were first created, a bag hung on each person's back, and another bag hung in front. The bag that hung in back was filled with each person's own faults, while the one that hung in the front contained only the faults of others. The purpose of this story was to explain why so many people can see weaknesses only in
  8. Your answer:

  9. Ventriloquists are performers who can throw their voices; that is, they make it seem to an audience that the voice is coming from some other place, usually from a dummy held on the knee. They create this illusion by trying not to move their lips when they talk. However, there are some words that people cannot say without moving their lips--for example, those beginning with "p" or "b". When a word beginning with a "b" or a "p" has to be said, successful ventriloquists often
  10. Your answer:
    speak more slowly.
    make the dummy say the word.
    become flustered and ruin the act.
    divert the audience's attention away from their lips.

  11. Kangaroos normally have a coat of greyish-brown fur that acts as a natural camouflage aganist attack by wild dogs, eagles, and people. An albino, or pure white, kangaroo finds it hard to survive in its native habitat because such a kangaroo lacks
  12. Your answer:
    natural enemies.
    strong legs.
    adequate food.

  13. Glaciers are constantly on the move, cutting great valleys as they travel along. When a glacier melts, the water often collects in one of the valleys it has carved and forms a natural
  14. Your answer:

  15. Game fish cannot live in lakes that become filled with mud and choked with weeds. In order to restore such lakes to their original free state, a new type of dredging method chews up the weeds, sucks up the bottom mud and muck into a floating pipe, and discharges the debris on the shore. This dredge is called the world's largest vaccum cleaner since, like a household vaccum cleaner, its operating principal is
  16. Your answer:

  17. During the early years of the westward movement in the United States, many people moved to lands to which no one held title of ownership and that had not been put up for sale. These people, called squatters, claimed a right to the land because they had built their homes on it and cared for it. The government recognized their claims, known as squatters' rights, and granted them
  18. Your answer:
    a chance to move.
    release from bail.
    legal title to the land.
    federal loans for housing.

  19. Few people are aware that most rivers consist of two parts--the obvious part called the channel and the broad valley, called the floodplain, that spreads out from the river bank. Because the floodplain is almost always dry, houses and factories are often built on this part of the river. This is perfectly safe except during those occasions when the
  20. Your answer:
    river freezes over in winter.
    river overflows its channel.
    channel is dredged.
    summer months are dry.

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