Reading for Understanding Three #68C

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  1. It is sometimes stated that artists are productive in a worthwhile manner in proportion to their revolutionary sympathies. For example, it is claimed that the poetry that William Wordsworth wrote when he was in sympathy with the French Revolution could be classified as great, whereas that which he wrote when he had lost his revolutionary sympathies
  2. Your answer:
    remains among his best work.
    retained its revolutionary vividness.
    was unexciting and dry.
    is the most widely read.

  3. When you resolve to discard an old habit, you must work at the task assiduously. You must take advantage of every opportunity to behave in a manner incompatible with your old habit, and create situations where this new conduct is possible. Thus, you will postpone the time that you may perform your old habit and increase the chances that you may not
  4. Your answer:
    keep your resolution.
    behave properly.
    develop a new habit.
    perform it at all.

  5. A real debt of gratitude -- that is, one founded on a disinterested act of kindness -- cannot be cancelled by any subsequent unkindness on the part of the benefactor.... For a later injury can no more undo a previous kindness than we can prevent in the future what has happened in the past. So neither can a good act undo an ill one: a fearful truth! For good and evil have a moral life that nothing in time can extinguish; the instant they exist, they start for
  6. Your answer:

  7. Visitors to Europe from North America and Australia are impressed by the antiquity of much that they see. Conversely, when Europeans go to North America and Australia, they are struck by the
  8. Your answer:
    newness of everything.
    size of the buildings.
    density of the population.
    evidence of wealth.

  9. The Saturnalia, an ancient Roman festival to praise the god Saturn, began on December 17 and lasted seven days. Schools took a holiday, all public business was closed, families visited each other and exchanged presents. Until A.D. 354, Christmas was celebrated on different dates because the date of Christ's birth was not agreed upon. In that year, Bishop Tiberius ordered the people of Rome to celebrate Christmas on December 25. In choosing this date, he eliminated a pagan holiday and made it
  10. Your answer:
    the same.

  11. The internal effects of a mutable policy are called calamitous. It poisons the blessings of liberty itself. It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by leaders of their choice if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read before they are promulgated, or if they undergo such incessant changes that no one who knows what the law is today can guess what
  12. Your answer:
    its enforcement will be.
    it will be tomorrow.
    its preparation will be.
    its effects will be.

  13. A proposition or a sentence presupposes the association of two kinds of words -- names and words implying action (nouns and verbs). One who repeats a list of words such as walks, runs, and sleeps will never produce an assertion any more than one who strings together terms like lion, horse, and deer. To produce an assertion, the two types of words must be used
  14. Your answer:
    in combination.
    with modifiers.

  15. Rock climbing for pleasure is growing in popularity. It began as a means of testing equipment and techniques for climbing the most difficult and dangerous rock faces of mountains. Now it has become a sport in its own right. Whereas the mountain climber's goal is to reach the top of a mountain, the rock climber's goal is simply to
  16. Your answer:
    get to the top.
    scale treacherous rock.
    enjoy nature's wonders.
    take the easy path.

  17. Persons powerful in business or in politics sometimes bestow unfair advantage upon the members of their families. The practice, which is generally frowned upon, is called nepotism. The word is based upon the Latin word nepos, which means
  18. Your answer:

  19. Ought the legislator be a slave to the fancies of the voters? No. Between an imprudent opposition and a servile compliance, there is a middle path, respectable and safe. It is to combat those fancies with the only arms that can conquer them -- example and instruction. The legislator must enlighten the people, must appeal to the public reason, and must give time for error to be unmasked. Sound reasons, clearly set forth, are of necessity stronger than false ones. But the legislator ought not to appear too openly in these instructions, for fear of becoming compromised with the public ignorance. These ends will be better answered with
  20. Your answer:
    indirect means.
    straightforward opposition.

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