Reading for Understanding Three #68B

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  1. A famous journalist once stated that the most important factor in a civilized society is that the power to rule is made legal through a contract. The validity of the statement is readily acknowledged by those who notice that the most civilized countries in the world today derive their legal power for government from
  2. Your answer:
    able leaders.
    a constitution.
    strong armies.
    political parties.

  3. All the artifices I employ do not for a moment fool them. They are able to perceive my ruses. I waste my time attempting to
  4. Your answer:
    agree with them.
    teach them.
    deceive them.
    entertain them.

  5. Their business advancement has been spectacular, but usually it had been made at the expense of their associates, who learned to regard their actions with
  6. Your answer:

  7. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was a German philosopher who integrated the philosophies of his predecessors into a historical sequence. Hegel believed that the various philosophies of the past could be formulated into a comprehensive philosophy of the development of the human spirit. As a result of his work, the history of philosophy became an important field of study. Hegel felt that his philosophy was superior to any prior to his time because his philosophy
  8. Your answer:
    depended entirely upon the present.
    embodied the ideas of the past.
    did not rely on a system.
    was a selection of alternatives.

  9. A closed shop is a business establishment in which only union members may be employed. Either the union does all of the hiring or the employer does the hiring on the condition that all employees join the union within a certain period of time. A preferential union shop is slightly different from a regular closed shop because employees are only required to give preference to a union worker over a nonunion worker. The employer in a preferential union shop hires nonunion workers when
  10. Your answer:
    union workers need to be replaced.
    union members are not available.
    workers promise to join the union.
    they are preferable to union workers.

  11. Greatness produces great effects. One is not a great person whose actions in life leave the world as it was. No act constitutes greatness if that act
  12. Your answer:
    destroys great traditions.
    terminates in itself.
    brings forth greatness.
    is a means to an end.

  13. Although its low silhouette contributed greatly to its effective action against the ironclad Virginia in the naval battle of Hampton Roads, the fact that the Monitor was swamped and floundered in heavy seas off Cape Hatteras proved that the ship was not built to withstand
  14. Your answer:
    turbulent water.
    the Virginia.
    swampy water.

  15. A noted philosopher wrote that one of the lessons of history is that nothing is often a good thing to do and is always a clever thing to say. Indeed, we often say,
  16. Your answer:
    "Choose your words carefully."
    "Silence is golden."
    "Beware of flattery."
    "Always speak softly."

  17. Should the world applaud, we must thankfully receive it as a boon; for if the most deserving of us appear to expect it as a debt, it will never be paid. The world, it has been said, does as much justice to our merits as to our defects, and I believe it; but, after all, none of us are so much praised or censured as we think; and if we would only rehearse our own funeral, and walk abroad incognito the very day after that on which we were supposed to have been buried, we would be
  18. Your answer:
    acclaimed as heroes.
    happy to be fools.
    content to die again.
    cured of our self-importance.

  19. The distances between the earth and the stars are often measured in terms of light-years. A light-year is the distance that light travels in a year, at the rate of about 299,792 kilometers per second. This is about 9.46 trillion kilometers. The average distance of the moon from the earth is 384,403 kilometers, which means that light reflected from the moon reaches us in less than two seconds. The light from the sun reaches us in a little more than eight minutes. This gives us some idea how far it is to the nearest star, which is 4.27 light-years away. When we say that figures are astronomical, we mean that they
  20. Your answer:
    are very, very large.
    can be exaggerated.
    cannot be measured.
    are understood only by astronomers.

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