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  1. The essence of liberty is not its existence as a theoretical right; rather, it consists in the possibility of exercising this right. When one's subsistance is so wretched as to require the following of any course of action that presents itself, any opportunity for choice or indecision is denied. Freedom in that case
  2. Your answer:
    really does not exist.
    is inalienable.
    permits bargaining.
    is an important one.

  3. The British prime minister, although technically appointed by the ruling of the monarch, is really the people's choice. The prime minister represents the majority party of the House of Commons, whose members are elected by popular vote. Whenever a prime minister loses the support of the House of Commons on important issues, a new government must be elected. In effect, the prime minister is chosen by the
  4. Your answer:
    House of Lords.
    ruling sovereign.

  5. The ability of the lightning, or firefly, to glow in the dark serves more than one purpose for the litle animal. One function is to show the fireflies the location of their mates. The glowing also helps the firefly to survive in the competitive animal world because the light is a warning to other nocturnal animals that have learned through experience that the lightning bug
  6. Your answer:
    is unpleasant to taste.
    gives off no heat.
    is really not pretty.
    is hard to catch.

  7. In old measurements, the cord was a legal measure of wood. It was usually defined as a pile of wood four feet high, eight feet long, and four feet wide. Most fireplaces are less than four feet wide, and the wood is sold in various widths to fit different grates. A pile of wood four feet high and eight feet long was often called a cord, whatever its width, although this use of the word cord was not strictly
  8. Your answer:

  9. An insect is unable to think back to a previous action or event. It behaves instinctively; because it has completed one action, it performs another. Should some action necessitate the redoing of the first action, it is unable to cope with the situation. It cannot deviate from the cycle of action that is usually required of it. Thus, the insect is unable to
  10. Your answer:
    behave instinctively where necessary.
    carry out a sequence of actions.
    profit from experience.
    survive without learning from the past.

  11. The periodic abolitions of tyrannical laws have left the administration of justice not only uninjured, but purified. Dead and buried creeds have not carried with them the essential morality they contained, which still exists uncontaminated by the sloughs of superstition. And all that there is of justice and kindness and beauty, embodied in our cumbrous forms of etiquette, will live perennially when the forms themselves
  12. Your answer:
    are faithfully preserved.
    have been forgotten.
    have been improved.
    are made more intricate.

  13. People who are sometimes called odd have their consolations. In the first place they are quite sure not to be weak. People with a marked individuality have always this one great blessing -- they can stand alone. In their pleasures and their pains they are sufficient to themselves, and if they do not get sympathy, they can generally
  14. Your answer:
    become stronger.
    do without it.
    create their own.
    get pity or praise.

  15. A British anthropologist reports that along the east coast of England it is commonly believed that most deaths happen at ebb tide. The ceaseless rising and falling of the tides is such an impressive phenomenon that it is not surprising that people who live near the sea should have inferred a secret harmony between the tides and
  16. Your answer:
    the divine origin of life.
    fear of death.
    human life.

  17. About two million years ago during the Pleistocene epoch, much of the continents of Europe and North America were covered by ice estimated to have been 2.5 kilometers or more thick. Since the water for this massive sheet of ice came from the oceans, the oceans during this glacial period were
  18. Your answer:
    much colder.
    much deeper.
    less salty.
    greatly lowered.

  19. Except for picture writing, cuneiform writing is the oldest writing in the world. Cuneiform writing was invented by the Sumerians, who lived in the lower part of the Euphrates valley. Tablets have been found that may have been written as early as 3500 B.C. The key to this writing was not discovered until about 1850. Hundreds of thousands of cuneiform tablets have been found and placed in museums. Our knowledge of the history of ancient Asia has been greatly enlarged by the discovery of the
  20. Your answer:
    key to the writing.
    Rosetta Stone.
    picture writing.
    ancient scribes.

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