Reading for Understanding Three #67A

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  1. The moon does not hold the same charm for astronomers, who are anxious to study the stars, as it has proverbially held for lovers. It is impossible to photograph stars
  2. Your answer:
    except with the light of the moon.
    when the moon is shining.
    when they are clearly visible.
    if they are far from the earth.

  3. New Harmony, Indiana, was founded more than a hundred years ago as an experiment in socialism. The experiment failed. In 1938 Indiana tried to raise money by a small special tax to restore New Harmony as a place of historic interest, but the Memorial Commission gave up and turned its funds over to the State Conservation Department. It seems that U.S. citizens have litle interest in nineteenth century socialism
  4. Your answer:
    even as a relic.
    as applied today.
    except historical.
    because of its cost.

  5. By lessening an author's chances of having hastily written work accepted, increasing costs of printing may encourage better preparation of manuscripts. This and other developments, such as charges for corrections, reductions in number of issues and in pages per issue, and rejection of too lengthy papers, indicate that more and more poorly prepared manuscripts are
  6. Your answer:
    reaching the editor's desk.
    the result of rapidly expanding research.
    apt to be printed in the next few years.
    going to remain just manuscripts.

  7. It is difficult to get agreement in a general disarmament conference. So many conferences have failed and the problems of inspection are so great that many people think world disarmament is
  8. Your answer:

  9. The aim of every political institution is, or ought to be, first, to obtain rulers who possess the most wisdom to discern and the most virtue to pursue the common good of the society; and, in the next place, to take the most effectual precautions for keeping them virtuous while they continue to hold their public trust. The elective mode of obtaining officials is the characteristic policy of republican government. The most effectual means for preventing their degeneracy is a limitation of the term of office, securing responsibility to the people through
  10. Your answer:
    failure of reelection.
    frequent elections.
    minority opposition.
    natural virtue.

  11. The leopard's coat is usually tawny, with many black spots arranged in broken rings. It is said that the leopard's spots do not change. With the question, "Can the leopard change his spots?" a Hebrew prophet warned that good deeds cannot be expected
  12. Your answer:
    from wicked people.
    to conquer evil.
    to atone for sin.
    from leopards.

  13. Scientists in tree-ring research have identified growth rings in pines back to 2600 B.C. The rings record seasonal and long-term climatic conditions. The pines are looked upon as organic computers that have recorded conditions and events of interest to
  14. Your answer:

  15. Timbuktu is a trading post in Mali at the southern boundary of the Sahara. Although the town has declined as an important trading post, it is still used as a place where desert caravans bring their cargoes to be transferred to boats on the nearby Niger River. For this reason, Timbuktu is still known as the meeting place of the
  16. Your answer:
    world's busiest sea lanes.
    spice cargoes of the East.
    Asian desert travellers.
    camel and the canoe.

  17. I am presenting the logical results of the continuation of our present situation. I hope that my readers will think these results so repellent that they will be willing, indeed eager, to support drastic action to
  18. Your answer:
    discourage radicalism.
    stabilize present conditions.
    change the situation.
    attain the logical conclusion.

  19. We moderns have become submerged in our civilization. In our daily lives, we are swept through a faceless undifferentiated mass of fellow beings. We neither recognize, nor are recognized to be, highly individual personalities. Yet, we are aware that we want to be known as separate persons, unreplicated. We dote on being addressed intimately and directly. We are suckers for any advertisement that contains the phrase
  20. Your answer:
    guaranteed to last forever.
    ask someone who knows.
    especially for you.
    nine out of ten people.

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