Reading for Understanding Three #66C

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  1. Locusts are classified as pests because they eat most of the things that people grow in their gardens and fields. Unlike many insects, locusts do not do any useful work and do not store up food for future use. The only animals that like locusts are those that
  2. Your answer:
    do their own work.
    feed upon them.
    like their singing.
    are also pests.

  3. Daily experience supplies cases in which the same sentence of disapproval will be understood as meaning little or meaning much, according to the inflections of voice that accompany it; and daily experience supplies still more striking cases in which words and tone are in direct contradiction -- the first expresses consent, whereas the second expresses
  4. Your answer:

  5. Certain timeworn phrases that governed my youth return now and then to echo unremittingly in my memory. I am sill deeply moved by recalling these
  6. Your answer:
    delightful contemplations.
    new inspirations.
    strange voices.
    valuable precepts.

  7. Certain species of whales have been decreasing in population at a catastrophic rate. It has been estimated that the rate at which these whales are being killed will virtually exterminate most species within ten years. Hunting of these species is supposedly prohibited by the International Whaling Commission, but some nonmenmber whalers take whales in large numbers without any regard to
  8. Your answer:
    the price of whale oil.
    national territorial fishing rights.
    the species of whales involved.
    how large the whales are.

  9. The game of chess is perhaps too difficult to appeal to everyone, but its popularity increases as more people have more leisure in which to develop hobbies. Should people in the United States not be interested in their country's team of six who represent them in the chess Olympics in Europe? Some European governments subsidize their chess teams as they do their athletic teams, but the United States team must be supported through private contributions. One large magazine is accepting voluntary gifts to finance the United States Olympic chess team, but the project is not
  10. Your answer:

  11. Abide not in the state where sedition is rampant. When law obtains in the empire, let yourself be seen; when lawlessness reigns,
  12. Your answer:
    become a reformer.
    obey not the laws.
    retire into obscurity.
    stir up rebellion.

  13. Manufacturers of standard living room furniture -- sofas, chairs, coffee tables -- look for gimmicks to increase the rate of sales, since the size of their new-customer market is limited and increases only slowly from year to year. Recently, one manufacturer embarked on an intensive advertising campaign to induce families to
  14. Your answer:
    buy vases, paintings, and other decorations.
    live beyond their incomes.
    refurnish their homes more often.
    take better care of their furniture.

  15. Contemporary scientists tend to agree that the truth refers to the consistency of experiences and events. Error is characterized by inconsistency and truth by
  16. Your answer:

  17. When we breathe, our muscles cause our lungs to expand and contract and thus force air in and out of our lungs. Sometimes as a result of disease, a person must be kept in an iron lung, a large metal case that fits round the chest. The air pressure inside the case is increased and decreased, forcing air in and out of the diseased person's lungs. The iron lung does the work of a normal person's
  18. Your answer:

  19. Many of the plays presented by the repertory groups in the United States have been stage hits in large cities. A smaller place cannot provide large enough audiences to justify a well-known company's travelling to it. The repertory cast often has one well-known performer, who plays with a younger cast. This movement to bring live plays to parts of the country has been successful, because it meets a need of
  20. Your answer:
    small communities
    popular plays.
    professional actors.
    modern playwrights.

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