Reading for Understanding Three #66A

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  1. It is difficult to find people who seem rational and pleasant in conversation, for few are not more interested in what they themselves are intending to say than in answering accurately that which they are asked. The most talented and affable individuals satisfy themselves with wearing a thoughtful expression, but we can detect in their eyes and minds a straying and an eagerness to return to
  2. Your answer:
    some other topic.
    the original topic.
    what they wish to say.
    a pertinent remark.

  3. That the early English smith was a skilled craftsperson cannot be doubted after an examination of the still preserved fragments of
  4. Your answer:
    engraved shields.
    beautiful tapestries.
    crude weapons.

  5. The amount of money, time, or work needed to obtain the necessities of daily life is called the cost of living. When an industry raises salaries in proportion to a rise in the cost of living, the employees receive
  6. Your answer:
    no increase in buying power.
    money for more luxuries.
    more fringe benefits.
    no extra take-home pay.

  7. Personal correspondence is valuable historically because many people tend to be more frank in private than in public communications. This cannot be considered a general rule, for there are those who have distorted the truth in public declarations no more than in
  8. Your answer:
    private letters.
    election campaigns.
    business correspondence.

  9. Here is a news item of interest to campers: One of the oldest processes for the preservation of food is drying. The process is used chiefly on foods that can be powdered or finely cut, and until recently has not been so satisfactory for solid foods such as pieces of meat. Now, a process has been developed in which the meat is first frozen and then dried under low pressure. The meat retains its original size and shape, is very light in mass, does not need refrigeration, absorbs water again readily, and cooks in a short time. I saw this processed meat not in a grocery store, but in
  10. Your answer:
    a meat market.
    an electrical appliance store.
    a luggage store.
    a sporting goods store.

  11. Age, that is, old age, is thought by some people to be the greatest misfortune that can happen to a person. Other troubles end, they point out, but this one daily
  12. Your answer:
    comes again.
    passes away.
    gets worse.
    is overcome.

  13. The boll weevil is an insect that destroys cotton as it is growing. When cotton crops in the United States failed because of the boll weevils, southern farmers diversified their farming, and small industries moved into the area to help the South prosper during times of desperation. As a result, the South is no longer completely dependent on cotton. Although the boll weevil was a menace, it brought about changes that actually
  14. Your answer:
    benefitted the South.
    won the Civil War.
    wrecked the Southern economy.
    destroyed cotton forever.

  15. It requires but a very small glance of thought to perceive that although laws made in one generation often continue in force through succeeding generations, yet they continue to derive their force from the consent of the living. A law not repealed continues in force, not because it cannot be repealed, but because it is not repealed; and the nonrepealing passes for
  16. Your answer:

  17. The ancestors of the natives of the Pacific Islands, located to the east and southeast of Asia, are believed to have been Asians. No written records exist to substantiate such claims, but the islanders have marked physical resemblances to the people of eastern and southeastern Asia. It is thought that these islands were originally settled as a result of a prehistoric
  18. Your answer:
    search for knowledge.
    migration eastward.
    migration westward.
    search for Asia.

  19. Homer yet is, veritably present face to face with every open soul of us; and Homer's Greece, where is it? Desolate for thousands of years; away, vanished; a bewildered heap of stone and rubbish, the life and existence of it all gone. Like a dream; like the dust of King Agamemnon! Homer's Greece was; now, except in the words it spoke,
  20. Your answer:
    is not.

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