Reading for Understanding Three #65A

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  1. We as a nation are being subjected to an increasing flow of high-pressure persuasiveness and forceful one-sided advertising. Some people may consider me obstinate, but when I am vigorously pressed from many quarters to adopt immediately a particular course of action, I am
  2. Your answer:
    an enthusiastic participant.
    completely bewildered.
    swept helplessly along.
    reluctant to do so.

  3. In the civil defense warnings of Canada and the United States, a steady tone means attack alert, and a series of short blasts means to take cover immediately. Similarly, a fixed light shining constantly attracts less attention than a fluctuating or moving light and therefore is reacted to
  4. Your answer:
    more quickly.
    less quickly.
    by more people.

  5. Many people watch the stock market to foretell whether the period ahead will be prosperous, adverse, or stable. For example, these people consider a rise in stock market prices as an indication of prosperity. Because the stock market is credited with predicting business trends, it has been called
  6. Your answer:
    the world's marketplace.
    a risky investment.
    a warmonger.
    the barometer of business.

  7. As a young man, Theodore Roosevelt had a ranch in the Badlands of South Dakota. One day three local toughs (thugs) stole Roosevelt's boat and took off downriver with it. Roosevelt and two of his hands tracked down the thieves and started to town to jail them. An old rancher, used to the instant justice of the wild west, asked Roosevelt on the way why he was going to all the trouble over thieves instead of just
  8. Your answer:
    making them pay for it.
    taking their guns.
    hanging them offhand.
    being happy to have his boat.

  9. Many different substances have been used as fuel for lamps. When kerosene lamps were used, the lamps had to be filled, their chimneys cleaned, and their wicks trimmed. After people began to use natural gas as a fuel, the gas was piped into the houses to lamps fixed on the walls or ceilings. Gas lamps gave good light and were safe, but they had one limitation -- they
  10. Your answer:
    were not portable.
    were likely to explode.
    were very cheap.
    could not be used for reading.

  11. Those who argue the case for an inheritance tax or estate duty believe that the concentration of vast fortunes in the hands of a few persons is undesirable and that such a tax divides the total wealth of a country a little more equitably among the
  12. Your answer:

  13. After a pitched battle, the enemy were forced to flee; but, from the cover of the forest, they continued to harass the company lines. The loss of company soldiers became serious, with no chance of replacement. The food supply diminished alarmingly with no hope of replenishing it. It became obvious that the expedition must retreat. They had won the battle, but
  14. Your answer:
    lost the war.
    annihilated the enemy.
    lost their way.
    at little cost.

  15. Analogy plays a part in modern science by providing clues that may lead to later discoveries; but, unless analogy is applied with caution, it is a dangerous tool. Analogy was once thought to provide positive demonstration of a fact. This led to many misleading ideas and false theories. No matter how clear and how inviting it seems, analogy
  16. Your answer:
    is really vague and murky.
    is not apt to lead to absurd results.
    never constitutes proof.
    can never have value for an objective scientist.

  17. For centuries, people have had the ambition to soar like birds and maneuver themselves through the air. Only as late as 1948 was the patent obtained by F.M. Rogallo for a device that fulfilled this ambition. The Rogallo glider has no engine, brakes, or wheels and is used in a sport called hang-gliding. The glider takes off from a hilltop and glides for a time -- minutes or even hours -- and finally lands standing up,
  18. Your answer:
    without leaving home.
    without a thrill.
    as birds do.
    as the alarm goes off.

  19. Judicial statistics indicate that in a surprisingly high proportion of cases the decision of a lower court is reversed when a legal case is retried before a higher tribunal. Most modern legal systems recognize that judicial pronouncements, being humanly delivered, may be erroneous, and these systems therefore incorporate into their frameworks provisions for
  20. Your answer:
    shortening of sentences for good behavior.
    appeal and review of decisions.
    trial by a jury of one's peers.
    gradual abolition of lower courts.

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