Reading for Understanding Three #61A

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  1. No language is so copious as to supply words and phrases for every complex idea or so correct as not to include many equivocally denoting different ideas. Hence, it must happen that however accurately objects may be discriminated in themselves and however accurately the discrimination may be considered, the definition of them may be rendered inaccurate by the inaccuracy of the terms in which it is
  2. Your answer:

  3. Gold has many values to people. It has long been used as a medium of exchange (money) in many parts of the world. Its beauty has made it a popular material for ornamentation. In ancient Peru, gold was thought to symbolize the sun god and was used in producing religious and ceremonial art objects. The Spanish invaders of Peru melted down many of these objects for the value of the gold. Excavations are yielding many beautiful pieces that are being preserved in museums because they are worth more than
  4. Your answer:
    any precious jewels.
    their weight in gold.
    museums can pay.
    collectors' interest in them.

  5. It is amazing that, though he was a shy child who was afraid to recite in front of his class, the U.S. Senator Daniel Webster became one of his country's most brilliant
  6. Your answer:

  7. Stones, coins, and other articles inscribed in an ancient Teutonic alphabet, whose letters are called runes, have been found in England and in other parts of northern Europe. The writing in rune characters was believed to be the invention of a pagan Nordic god. Christian missionaries introduced the Latin alphabet because the writing in the runes was associated with
  8. Your answer:
    ancient times.
    pagan religion.
    stone carvings.

  9. Some persons feel that they must guard us from being entrapped by propaganda; they must continually interpret for us all speeches and all books so that we will not unconsciously be engulfed by propaganda techniques. These persons seem to feel that we
  10. Your answer:
    are too naive to withstand propaganda assaults without help.
    must be protected from attack.
    should not be exposed to propaganda if it comes from abroad.
    are able to discriminate clearly between good and bad propaganda.

  11. When we work hard and achieve a degree of success, we are encouraged to go to higher achievement if our accomplishments are acknowledged. To keep on working, we all need a good
  12. Your answer:
    constructive critic.
    pat on the back.
    second chance.

  13. At sea, time is announced by the ringing of a bell. A twelve-hour period is divided into three watches of four hours each. The bell rings once at 12:30, twice at 1, three times at 1:30 and so on until 4, when the times is shown by eight bells. Then the cycle starts over again. The next time it is eight bells, the hour is
  14. Your answer:
    four o'clock.
    eight o'clock

  15. Laminated glass is made by placing a layer of plastic material between two thin layers of glass. Laminated glass is shatterproof and is used as a safety glass. In structure it is like
  16. Your answer:
    flexible glass.
    a sandwich.
    a windshield.
    tempered glass.

  17. There is a time for all things -- a time for preparation and a time for action. When the latter hour has struck for us, we cannot by any device put back the hands of the clock. Prepared or not prepared, most of us must face the realities of life, and begin a sterner education under that hard taskmaster, the world, who cares not where clay is found, but demands that we
  18. Your answer:
    make bricks.
    search for gold.
    take time to prepare.
    turn back the clock.

  19. Charles Darwin believed that variations in nature are so great that no two living things are exactly alike. In the competition for food and living space, some animals have a better chance to survive than others because they possess characteristics that others do not have. Darwin called this effect natural selection. It is also sometimes called
  20. Your answer:
    the inheritance of acquired characteristics.
    a nonbiological explanation.
    the law of creation.
    the survival of the fittest.

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