Reading for Understanding Three #5C

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  1. If ice is not too cold, it will melt when when pressure is applied to it. An ice skate applies pressure to the surface of the ice, melting a thin stream along which the skate can easily glide. The skater is not able to glide smoothly if the ice is too cold to be melted by
  2. Your answer:
    added heat.
    surface water.
    pressure alone.
    special machines.

  3. Witnesses who say that someone else told them a certain thing cannot present this information as evidence in court. It is called hearsay and usually cannot be trusted or confirmed by cross-examination. There are many exceptions to the rule that hearsay cannot be accepted; one of the most interesting exceptions is a dying declaration. It is assumed that a dying person
  4. Your answer:
    deserved a trial.
    is innocent.
    was murdered.
    tells the truth.

  5. We should look upon money only as a means to desirable ends. The things that it can purchase are more important than
  6. Your answer:
    financial transactions.
    a stable economy.
    money itself.

  7. Pollution of the air by fumes and gases has become a menace in many cities. The smog problem has become so acute that strict laws have been passed to control excessive pollution from vehicles and even to close down manufacturing plants when the smog becomes
  8. Your answer:

  9. Calvin Coolidge was known as a man of few words. The story is told that, during his term as vice-president of the United States, a woman tried to get him to chat with her at a party. She bet Coolidge that she could get him to say more than two words. She lost the bet when Coolidge replied,
  10. Your answer:
    "You lose."
    "You can't win."
    "Name your terms."
    "I will try."

  11. At a crucial stage in the American Colonial Revolutionary War, General Washington called for a volunteer to go behind the enemy lines as a spy. Captain Nathan Hale--only twenty-one years old, bright, and popular-- volunteered. He succeeded in getting through the lines and in obtaining the information he was seeking, but he was captured on his way back to Washington's camp. In accordance with military law, he was hanged. He is remembered for the statement he is said to have made on the gallows, "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country." These words were engraved on many monuments to him. He is remembered in the United States as a
  12. Your answer:
    successful spy.
    true patriot.
    traitor to England.
    Yankee soldier.

  13. Human beings cannot avoid being governed; they must govern themselves or they must
  14. Your answer:
    be governed by others.
    show the government is unnecessary.
    be completely free in all matters.
    refuse to govern themselves.

  15. In Greek mythology, Pan was the god of flocks and pastures. He was represented as half man and half goat and was so ugly that he was said to terrify people when they saw him. It was from this god's name that a sudden and great fear came to be called a
  16. Your answer:

  17. When Arctic explorers are on sledging trips, they are largely dependent upon dried and powdered foods. The calorie requirements of the explorers and their dogs are high, and the space on the sledges and the weight that can be carried are
  18. Your answer:

  19. Sea warfare played a vital role in World War I. Early in the war, it became clear that to gain an advantage at sea, a vessel would have to be used that could approach a battle area unseen, fight when conditions were right, and slip away unseen when conditions were bad or when the battle was over. For these reasons, the large navies involved in World War I made the first significant use of
  20. Your answer:
    machine guns.
    aircraft carriers.

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