Reading For Understanding Three #59C

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  1. For almost a hundred years, the ancient Persians tried to conquer Greece. The final Greek victory came at Mycale in 479 B.C. The defeat of the Persians was a turning point in world history. If the Persians had conquered Greece, Persian culture rather than Greek culture might have become the basis of
  2. Your answer:
    further conquests.
    Western civilization.
    modern Asia.
    bureaucratic government.

  3. The trend in modern buildings, whether public or private, is to make plain ceilings. In the past, however, ceilings were decorated with paintings, ornamental beams, arches, and elaborate carving and relief work. The traveller will find many examples of art from the Middle Ages on the ceilings of cathedrals, museums, and palaces in
  4. Your answer:
    New York.
    prehistoric caves.
    ancient ruins.

  5. Most of the things we buy are mass produced--our cars, clothing, toys, books, and the like. The public is glad to profit from the savings of prefabricated goods, and often these are better than handmade products. While some people like to have a designer or custom tailor make their clothes so that they will be "different," only a small number of people have their shoes made by a cobbler. Most of us do not seem to object to
  6. Your answer:
    considerable uniformity.
    unusual foods.
    handmade articles.
    imported products.

  7. There is no more complete and final censorship of the press than that of a dictatorship where the distribution of newsprint stocks is controlled by the
  8. Your answer:

  9. There is a rule to be observed in hunting the giraffe on horseback; the instant the giraffe starts, it must be pressed--it is the speed that tells upon the giraffe. The spurs must be at work at the very commencement of the hunt, and the horse pressed along at its best. Should the giraffe be allowed the slightest advantage for the first five minutes, the race will be against the horse, whose success depends upon
  10. Your answer:
    great powers of endurance.
    gradual acceleration to great speeds.
    the final spurt.
    top speed from the start.

  11. Never listen at the doors or windows; for besides containing in it danger and a snare, listening is also an invading of the privacy of others, and lays open what has been enclosed that
  12. Your answer:
    it might not be open.
    they might forget about it.
    you might peer at it.
    their evil be not known.

  13. Diamonds and diamond dust, both natural and synthetic, are used in cutting, grinding, drilling, and polishing hard metal and stone. Because diamond is the hardest substance known (other than minute amounts of harder experimental substances), diamonds themselves must be ground and polished with
  14. Your answer:
    platinum tools.
    quartz crystals.
    steel dust.
    other diamonds.

  15. No people are forced into war by ignorance; nor, if they think they will gain from it, are people kept out of it by fear. The fact is that one side thinks the profits to be won outweigh the risks to be incurred, and the other side is ready to face danger rather than to accept
  16. Your answer:
    an immediate loss.
    the possible gains.
    help from the enemy.
    ignorant soldiers.

  17. Grasses are persistent plants and are often troublesome weeds in the fields. Grasses spread their seeds widely and grow rapidly. A large part of the earth's surface is covered with grass, and grasses provide much of our food. Of all plants, the grasses are ranked first in their
  18. Your answer:
    importance to human beings.
    cost of production.
    rate of growth.
    number of varieties.

  19. A worm absorbs all the oxygen it needs through its smooth skin surface. But if this animal were to increase its dimensions tenfold in all directions without altering its structure, it would run into trouble. Its volume would increase a thousandfold, necessitating a corresponding thousandfold increase in oxygen intake. Each square unit of the skin would have to absorb ten times as much oxygen as before, but the limited absorptive capacity of the skin would permit this increase. If the worm were thus to enlarge, it would have to develop specialized means, such as gills or lungs, of supplying oxygen to its body. In general, as a form of animal life tends to increase greatly in volume,
  20. Your answer:
    its body surface increases proportionately.
    the absorptive capacity of its skin becomes greater.
    its structure has to increase in complexity.
    less oxygen is utilized per cubic unit.

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