Reading For Understanding Three #58C

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  1. The highest merit we ascribe to Moses, Plato, and Milton is that they set at naught books and traditions and spoke not what others thought but what they themselves thought. We should learn to detect and to watch that gleam of light which flashes across our thoughts from within. Yet we often dismiss without notice our thoughts because
  2. Your answer:
    they are not scientific.
    they come from a book.
    they are our own.
    others have the same ones.

  3. The deserts of the world may be a large land bank if ways can be found of getting water to them. A major breakthrough that many expect is the removal of salt from seawater by methods that are not prohibitive in cost. Thus fresh water would be available for the deserts since many deserts are located
  4. Your answer:
    near the ocean.
    in large countries.
    far from the ocean.
    in the Northern Hemisphere.

  5. The growth of some forms of cancer is accelerated by sex hormones. A major source of these hormones is, of course, the sex glands, which can be removed without danger. Removal tends to check the cancer. The adrenal glands also produce some sex hormones, so they, too,
  6. Your answer:
    are endangered by the growth of cancer.
    cannot be removed without danger.
    may speed the growth of cancer.
    are a common cause of cancer.

  7. Loud sound is connected with ideas of power and danger. Many objects in nature that have these qualities are distinguished by loud sounds; and this association is further confirmed by the human voice, in which most violent and impetuous passions
  8. Your answer:
    are accompanied by active gestures.
    should be muffled.
    are difficult to interpret.
    are exposed in loud tones.

  9. The population of voles and lemmings, small mouselike creatures, increases rapidly, since a single pair may have a hundred young a year. When their number is large, it is diminished by their enemies, the arctic owls that fly north and the foxes that raise more young when food is plentiful. When there are many voles and lemmings, the supply of arctic grass on which they feed is cut down, and the caribou have to move away. Then the Eskimos do not have enough food. The population of the voles and lemmings goes up and down every three or four years and causes the rest of the arctic population to
  10. Your answer:
    remain constant.
    do the same.

  11. A famous archaeologist's thesis that the bull leapers of Knossos, by grasping one horn in each hand, were tossed in a somersault to the back of the bull seems erroneous. A charging bull develops tremendous forward impetus and, instead of tossing its head, moves it from side to side with one horn tip always in goring position. It is, therefore, unlikely that the bull leapers approached the bull from the
  12. Your answer:

  13. It has been estimated that there are at least twenty thousand rock carvings in the Sahara. These carvings, representing a successive variety of races and cultures for thousands of years, help us to
  14. Your answer:
    understand present-day society.
    determine the age of the rocks.
    comprehend Darwinian theory.
    understand those civilizations.

  15. Scientists would like to be consulted in the making of practical and military decisions. It is not that they are convinced of the infallibility of the scientists' judgement. They explicitly state that everyone is fallible, but they believe that the scientific habit of checking the result of all judgements should carry over from the laboratory to
  16. Your answer:
    the effect of bombing.
    other decision making.
    cabinet appointments.
    scientific education.

  17. Because of heavy traffic and the destructive effect of certain weather conditions, highways and streets need frequent repairs. A significant part of the total budget for roads must be spent on
  18. Your answer:
    safety education.

  19. I do not show to advantage when in complete possession of myself and when left to my own disposition. The accidents of chance can claim more credit for anything I say than I myself can. The occasion, the company, the very ring of my voice will draw more from my wit than I can find in it when I sound and exercise it apart. Hence,
  20. Your answer:
    I am unable to overcome my timidity.
    my spoken words are better than my writings.
    I read my speeches from manuscript.
    I avoid occasions for public speaking.

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