Reading for Understanding Three #58A

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  1. Robert Frost was a famous American poet who lived on a Vermont farm until his death in 1963. Some of his poems were: "Birches," about a country boy's delight in swinging on birch limbs; "The Death of the Hired Man," about a beloved farmhand; and "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening," about a man who paused to enjoy a snowfall. Evidently, these poems reflect Frost's own experience in
  2. Your answer:
    writing poetry.
    colonial America.
    college lecturing.
    the rural United States.

  3. Earliest sailors did not travel far from home, and they stayed close to shore so that they would not get lost. After sailors learned to use the stars to determine the location of their ships, scientific instruments as aids to navigation were developed rapidly so that now navigation is
  4. Your answer:
    an exact science.
    impossible to master.
    a fine art.
    a hard task.

  5. The soft mellow light of twilight is caused by the refracted rays of the sun, which in the evening continue to reach the earth's surface until the sun reaches a point about eighteen degrees below the horizon. Twilight always lasts about one hour at the equator. At the poles, however, the length of time required for the sun to reach a point eighteen degrees below the horizon varies, causing a
  6. Your answer:
    varying duration of twilight.
    delayed sunset.
    constant glow.
    longer duration of twilight.

  7. Elephants are capable of doing very hard work. They can be used in the jungles where machines cannot go. A grown elephant may consume as much as 100 kilograms of food a day, a disadvantage that tends to offset its capacity for
  8. Your answer:
    circus stunts.
    heavy work.

  9. Most scientists still reject the idea that the dead return to earth as spirits. They do not doubt that the people who report having seen ghosts have seen them, but they believe that the existence of ghosts, except in the minds of people, is not proved and, moreover, is unlikely. Scientists believe that such phenomena should be investigated. However, they do not accept as proof of the return of the spirits of the dead the occurrence of events that cannot now
  10. Your answer:
    be observed by everybody.
    appear except to a medium.
    be reported.
    be given a natural explanation.

  11. A child is nature's fresh picture newly drawn in oil, which time, and much handling, dims and defaces. A child's soul is yet a white paper unscribbled with observations of the world, wherewith, at length, it becomes
  12. Your answer:
    a blurred notebook.
    a collection of proverbs.
    an anthology of articulate wisdom.
    a clean slate.

  13. If the temperature of gases remains unchanged, an increase of pressure will decrease the volume proportionately or vice versa. But if the temperature rises, then either the pressure or the volume or both will increase. Volcanoes erupt and burst through the earth's crust when the pressure is greatly increased by the
  14. Your answer:
    decrease in the pressure of the gases inside.
    unchanged temperature of the gases inside.
    rising temperature of the gases inside.
    falling temperature of the gases inside.

  15. Hernan Cortes, when he reached Mexico, burned his ships on the shore after his soldiers had landed to show that there would be no
  16. Your answer:
    return without victory.
    further explorations.
    communications with Spain.
    sea battles with Mexico

  17. A wolf dressed up in a sheepskin and grazed with the sheep without being noticed by the shepherd. When the shepherd took the flock to the pen in the evening, the wolf went in with the sheep, expecting to have a good feast. The shepherd decided to slaughter a lamb for supper, and the animal killed was the wolf. Thus, the wolf lost everything by his
  18. Your answer:

  19. Arterial blood pressure is usually raised with the hardening of the arteries. A blood vessel may rupture because of the increased pressure. The vessel that ruptures usually is a small one and the amount of blood lost is not important. Serious damage may result if the ruptured vessel is in a vital structure such as the brain. The blood escaping under pressure may tear or damage many brain cells, at which time the person may suffer a stroke. Strenuous activity may elevate the arterial blood pressure, thus
  20. Your answer:
    causing hardening of the arteries.
    increasing the danger of rupturing a blood vessel.
    blocking the circulation of blood.
    changing the composition of the blood.

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