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  1. The number of passengers carried by ocean liners crossing the Atlantic Ocean has shown a significant decline. The number of tourists crossing the Atlantic increases each year, so we conclude that more people are
  2. Your answer:
    travelling by plane.
    staying at home.
    going by automobile
    seeing their homeland first.

  3. During the long-lasting conflict between Muslims and Portuguese, the Portuguese sovereigns customarily distributed conquered land among their loyal followers. During the age of John I, Portuguese lands were largely in the possession of ecclesiastics or nobles, who had been given land by
  4. Your answer:
    converted Muslims.
    Spanish grants.
    royal decree.
    church officials.

  5. The trend of modern science is towards greater and greater inclusiveness until all nature is included within its all-embracing laws. Then we shall require no more explanation; the unknown will exist no more; perfect understanding will be
  6. Your answer:

  7. Primitive tribes, whom we sometimes look upon with ill-concealed condescension, are actually quite close to us in mental, physical, and social makeup. Tribal society is really nothing less than the first lap of the road to modern civilization and, as such, is a sort of
  8. Your answer:
    contemporary ancestry.
    foreign type of organization.
    unfortunate retrogression.
    example to be emulated.

  9. On the walls of the cave of Altamira, in northern Spain, are paintings that date back twenty thousand years or more. The paintings, in three shades, are of bison, horses, deer, and other animals. Unlike the flat, two-dimensional stylistic paintings of the ancient Egyptians, who lived only five thousand years ago, the Altamira cave pictures are highly realistic in conception and form, giving the feeling of length, breadth, and width, thus indicating a high degree of artistic ability and
  10. Your answer:
    hunting skill.
    animal life.

  11. The various issues have been described in an effort to give the race driver a notion of what the officers of the association are called upon to unravel from week to week. Believe it or not, without their unselfish help, racing could not
  12. Your answer:

  13. The sea remains the earth's least explored terrain. We know more about the surface of the moon than we do about the floor of the ocean, more about the currents in the air in the spaces above us than about the currents below the surface of the seas. The cost of exploring the oceans may be greater than the cost of exploring space, and the work cannot be accomplished with the present
  14. Your answer:
    need for study.
    small sums appropriated.
    lack of information.
    size and depth of the oceans.

  15. Even when we make an inference from known facts, the truth of the inference is never certain. If the body of evidence from which we draw a conclusion is sufficiently large and reliable, we may accept the conclusion as
  16. Your answer:
    reasonably proved.
    immediately obvious.
    enhancing the general good.
    unquestionably proved.

  17. In a liberal democracy, everyone is free to learn. Teachers are free to present all sides of a question to their students. Freedom of expression is guaranteed to the press, to radio, and to television. In a dictatorship, people may learn only what the dictator wants them to know. They may be punished for reading books or listening to radio broadcasts
  18. Your answer:
    late at night.
    controlled by the government.
    that are approved.
    from another country.

  19. Contemporary proletarian literature is considered by some to be greater than the acknowledged masterpieces of the ages because the former comes to grips with the living and practical problems of daily reality. From this point of view, it follows that the presently admired social-problem literature can possess only temporary greatness, since its value must disappear with the disappearance of
  20. Your answer:
    the discontent of the critics.
    the problems with which it deals.
    the individual authors who wrote it.
    leaders who can solve the problems.

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