Reading For Understanding Three #55B

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  1. In our admiration for greatness, we tend to overlook errors that are often to be found in great works. Because of this tendency, I believe it necessary to examine for error those theories that are
  2. Your answer:
    as yet unknown.
    generally accepted.
    universally discredited.
    known to me.

  3. Her art of smooth talking (she is never at a loss for words), her ready smile, and her open-faced manner are so convincing that political opponents have been known to avoid her company lest they be
  4. Your answer:
    accused of knowing her.
    seen by their constituents.
    hypnotized into agreement.
    dragged into an argument.

  5. Formerly, persons who retired from the world in order to form utopias had as their goal the setting up of perfect communities. Today, some of those who withdraw seem to do so in order to avoid such unpleasantnesses as crime, the hydrogen bomb, and social conditions. It is a distressing situation if those who reject an existing state do so not from the aspect of building some better new society but for the
  6. Your answer:
    mere repudiation of what exists.
    expression of antisocial tendencies.
    purpose of enjoyment of their riches.
    reorganization of the present society.

  7. Paper can be easily identified if it contains a watermark. Such a mark results from the impression of a wire pattern on the wet pulp while the paper is being made. The mark, which can be seen best when the finished paper is held up to the light, will last the life of the paper. Documents are usually drawn up on watermarked paper to prevent
  8. Your answer:

  9. Matches that can be struck anywhere--ordinary kitchen matches--have phosphorous on their heads. When you strike the head against a surface, friction is produced, and the phosphorous burns and ignites the wood of the match. The striking of safety matches involves the same two necessary components, phosphorous and friction, but these matches are called safety matches because they must be struck on a special paper on the side of the box. This safety aspect is arranged by a clever means--
  10. Your answer:
    putting the phosphorous on the paper.
    printing "close cover before striking" on the box.
    shortening the matches.
    avoiding the use of phosphorous.

  11. Nature multiplies her examples a thousandfold. Her persistence in demonstrating her laws is greater than our slowness in comprehending them. If we are blind to one of her facts today, it is likely that
  12. Your answer:
    our one chance for knowledge has passed.
    our conception of nature is nevertheless true.
    our blindness will never make any difference.
    an opportunity for recognition will soon recur.

  13. Small children living in a housing development in a European city had trouble finding their own homes when they came back from nursery school. The parents found an easy solution to the problem; they
  14. Your answer:
    attached a photograph of each child's mother to the front door.
    called for the children in private cars.
    moved to separate houses.
    printed the family names on the doors.

  15. The seigneurial system of settlement in New France was a reflection of the social system of France, which was thoroughly paternalistic and authoritarian. This method encouraged excessive dependence among the tenant farmers and left the settler with too little
  16. Your answer:
    export trade.

  17. The emperor of the Roman Empire could come to power as the heir of the former emperor, or could be selected by the army, or could be elected by the Senate. Disagreement between powerful groups over which of these methods would determine who became the next emperor often led to civil war. Had there been only one method by which an emperor could be chosen, some of these conflicts might have
  18. Your answer:
    been avoided.
    gone on for a long time.
    destroyed the Roman Empire.
    been settled by plebiscite.

  19. In one state where quail are fostered as game birds, hunters were free to kill as many marsh hawks as possible because the marsh hawks sometimes killed quail. But the number of quail did not increase. Then it was learned that the marsh hawk's principal prey was the cotton rat, an animal that destroys quail eggs. Thus, by destroying cotton rats, the marsh hawk was actually a friend of the quail. The killing of the marsh hawks has decreased greatly, and the number of quail has
  20. Your answer:
    fallen rapidly.
    not been counted.

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